Friday, September 20, 2013


This is a story of the people I usually meet on the trails...

 Here's a published article: SAYAWAN WOMEN REAPS MONEY FROM GRASS  in 

"Tikog", a weed of the sedge family naturally thrives in swampy areas. A lot of these weeds can be found in many towns of Bukidnon--- Pangantucan, Talakag and Impasugong to name a few.

Tikog ready for weaving.
 These plants in the mountains may be pest to some but a blessing to our native brethren. With God-given weaving instinct, they utilize tikog to make native mats, bags, place mats and other decoratives for their own use and for commercial purposes. Yes, they reap money from this grass.

Monday, September 16, 2013

GIVE LAKE SEBU: A Trip Beyond the Usual

Two weeks after the hearty GIVE Bukidnon, the main GIVEr, Heiz of the Journeying Pinay, seemed to have more to give. A well coordinated giving was set in Lake Sebu, the summer capital of Southern Mindanao. This place offers a complete treat to tourists who want to relax and unload the stress away. A highland municipality of South Cotabato, Lake Sebu can brag for its cool weather, lifegiving lakes, 7 series water falls, interesting rivers and springs, scenic landscapes, outdoor adventures and interesting T'boli culture.

Honestly, I’ve been to Lake Sebu so many times. At first I did it solo, and later convinced other visitors, friends and big groups that could even make a community. I did camping alone outside a full-packed lodge, screaming at the country’s most awesome zipline, joining a strange group in a boat tour, trekking to 7series waterfalls, visiting a T’boli cultural house, witnessing cultural presentations, get dressed in full T’boli costume and eating different menus of tilapia.

So what makes this trip unusual?

UNUSUAL and memorable due to the fact that I (Trekero) and my buddies Heiz (Journeying Pinay) and Glen (Escape Manila) did not just visit the place to satisfy ourselves with its offerings. We did it to engrave genuine smiles to the faces of the welcoming T’boli community with our simple gifts. And this is what I want to brag this time.

It was 3:30 am when Glen and I departed Davao. At 9:00 am, we finally arrived at the Lake Sebu’s School of Living Tradition. A very long trip, indeed. 


The weather was so fair when we arrived at Lake Sebu. Heiz and Maria Todi, the manager of School of Living Tradition awaited for us. It was so overwhelming being welcomed by the smiling kids.
The school of Living Tradition situated right beside the highway.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GIVE BUKIDNON: Traveling and Giving

The GIVE Project is an initiative by Heiz Ramos, the Journeying Pinay. GIVE stands for Give Intensely, Victoriously, Enthusiastically. Because of her love for the tribe, she wants to impart something to them especially the kids. This lady believes that there's more to travel than by simply seeing places and bragging about them afterwards. She wants to do something that would somehow leave a simple happiness to the community she visited. That's the most meaningful travel, indeed.   

After the successful GIVE Ifugao, she happened to visit the green province of Bukidnon. She then decided to make the province the next venue for the project. After almost a year of conceptualization, GIVE Bukidnon was finally realized. The event would have been conducted earlier, but it was me who couldn't identify the venue. I wonder what took me so long. After all, we ended at my very hometown. Heiz (Journeying Pinay), Lai (Pinay Travelista), Bon (Contour Blog) and I (Trekero) visited the scenic barangay Pigtauranan--- the home of Lake Napalit.

Her initiative leaves me speechless, so I'm just gonna tell you the whole story through pictures...

Upon entering the barangay, the GIVErs Lai, Heiz and Bon excitedly posed before the lake.