Christopher M. Diaz is a very ordinary person born and raised in Bukidnon. He is a pure blooded Ilonggo (a product of Iloilo and Bacolod). He has been to many places in the country but when he comes home, he is always proud to speak his native tongue.

He is a simple boy-out-door who loves going places, seeing new faces, observing culture, looking for adventure and communing with nature. And he simply writes to express himself. 

He is a solo trekker but he never labels himself one because not all the time he travels alone.
He doesn't write so well nor take photos very good. He just travels and accounts every remarkable moment. He likes sharing thrills from his treks, simple tips from his trips and brief stories of his journeys. He loves sharing TALES FROM THE TRAILS.




  1. your posts' description are so vivid that they create detailed real life images of the places you have visited. I love reading your posts. they are very informative and educational. It can give me guide when I visit the places which you have visited already.

    1. thanks for the appreciation. actually, i don't write real good. i just supplement my posts with pictures to describe the places and my experiences. and i know i have to improve my photography too...

  2. Thank you so much for the guidance through Lake holon

  3. Hi sir! buenas tardez. hope to get in touch w/u soon. unattended po ung no posted nio. super nice ung sa mt. capistrano. sana po mg organize kau ng grupo kagaya sa mga adventure lover dn. enroll ako sir hehehe...

    1. hi, sorry for being unattended. hindi kasi maganda ang signal pag nakauwi ako ng bahay sa bukid. abt mt capistrano, ok talaga at medyo madali lang. ok lang sa akin mag-organize ng maliit na grupo.

  4. Replies
    1. thank you, mon. i still have so many tales left untold.
      so many trails to tread too.
      who knows, i might meet you along the trails one day.