Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna catch most of the travelers' interest including mine. The fact that 7 lakes exist in one town is more than enough to stir one's curiosity. The 7 lakes have different unique forms. I can say they are distantly located from one another, but they can all be trekked in less than a day.

When I visited Laguna on an official trip, I decided to extend my stay to explore the 7 lakes. And as usual, no itinerary, no contact. I only had my self will and trekero spirit, and overflowing confidence in the power of ask, ask and ask.

When I arrived in San Pablo by 3pm, I scouted for a lodge and settled on my cheapest find.
1. Sampaloc Lake 
I headed to Sampaloc Lake Park right in the city proper. The vicinity is well maintained. park amenities are well established. Dating couples, running athletes, picnicking families, bystanding students, locals and tourists are in every corner of the park. Viewing decks, food and amusement establishments also exist.

When the day was over, I looked for a food house. I then trekked the city's highway to my lodge. When I finally rested, I couldn't really plan. How could I? Do I have a guide or an IT?

When the morrow was come, I was ready. Ready to take my breakfast and ask for direction from anyone to whatever lake. So I asked an attendant in a local eatery. I jotted her informative talks. 

2. Mohicap Lake
I found myself in a jeepney. I asked the driver to take me to the entrance of Lake Mohicap. When I reached the place, the driver and the concerned passengers instructed me to go down with a reminder "Ingat po kayo!"

I trekked for about a half kilometer when Lake Mohicap came into view. Wow! Indeed, my day was not wasted in quest for 6 more lakes. I finally found one.  

3. Palakpakin Lake
Going back to the highway from Lake Mohicap, I happened to ask a trike driver about Lake Palakpakin. Out of kindness, he let me backride his trike for free while fetching other passengers. I was like his conductor (Haha!). He dropped me off at a crossing and instructed me the way. I hiked for around 2 kilometers until I saw the lake right beside the highway.

After exploring the place, I trekked back and took a jeep back to the city proper.

4. Pandin Lake
 Back in the city, I again asked for a direction how to get to Lake Pandin. I took a jeep and unmounted at the entrance to the lake. I hiked for around a kilometer and saw the lake packed with many vacationists and picnickers. This lake is the most popular among the tourists. Short orders are available in the area. Colorful vested visitors were enjoying the floating cottages.

5. Yambo Lake
More than a kilometer trek from Lake Pandin, Lake Yambo had the greatest appeal for me. It is the farthest from the residences. I has a narrow, almost invisible trail. I had a hard time getting close to it. The lake seems like a crater lake since it is located inside a potlike landscape. I stayed longer beside this lake where I enjoyed being alone and so free.

I trailed back to Lake Pandin with the alluring Mt. Cristobal on view.

 I trekked back to the highway and took a more walk to the trail leading to the next lake.  

6. Calibato Lake
Not too far from the entrance of Lake Pandin is a trail going to Lake Calibato. It was 1 pm and my tummy demanded a refill. An orange softdrink, biscuits and trail foods sufficed it all.

I then hiked around 2 kilometers in silent, narrow trail and finally met Lake Calibato. Few houses abound at the shore. The lovely mountains waved their tempting charms on view. The wind was creepily hustling. No one was around. I again set my (MIC) tripod, ran to the floating bamboo platforms and posed candidly.  

Suddenly, I heard a loud blow. When I looked back, my camera was nowhere in sight. I hurried to rescue the tripod which was also starting to sink. I crazily wondered how the tripod hit the second platform as if it leaped and skipped the first one. Someone might have thrown it away.  

I drew the camera out of the water, lens was broken and soaked down. With a broken heart, I disassembled and packed it up. I trailed back with a heavy heart. Really heavy heart.    

How could I take photos of the seventh lake without my camera? I took a jeepney back to the city. I proceeded to the hotel and got my android phone to perform its photography services.   

7. Bunot Lake
I took a jeep and trekked along the concrete road to Lake Bunot. After many inquiries, I finally bumped into a private gate to get closer to the lake. Residences encircle the lake. Some houses even float. The lake may be a part of the residents' lives. And the trash and human wastes make it unclean and unimpressive.

THE SUN WAS STILL UP when my quest for the Seven Lakes was over.

I hurried back to Sampaloc Lake to make use of the remaining daylight.

I took a jeep back to Los Baños, bought boxes of Buko Pie and took a bus back to Manila.


  1. thanks for visiting my town. God bless you bro.