Friday, January 30, 2015


A soil painting portrait of me and my wife--- artwork by John Estrada.
SOIL PAINTING is only heard to have existed in Bukidnon. One of the most popular soil painters of the province is the tribal singer and artist Waway Saway. A member of the Talaandig tribe in Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon, Waway also popularized the song ES GALI (Hey, Dude). According to him, Bukidnon is a home to original and authentic soil painters, besides, Bukidnon artists have wide consciousness about visual art. Waway even initiated events showcasing Bukidnon's beauty through soil painting, eyeing Bukidnon as "Soil Painting Capital of the World." 

PANALABUGTA. An artwork by Waway Saway. Photo courtesy of

 Another soil painting artist is Villamor "John" Estrada. I know John personally. He is the president of Bukidnon Artists Guild (BUKAG). When I first saw his artworks at the Malaybalay City Tourism Office, my interest to soil painting spurted up. I contacted him and ordered one of his works, which is reasonably priced. I also ordered a customized painting copied from my photo, with some preferred changes for a more earthy and tribal effect.

My first soil painting collection--- LAGA TAG PULALA by John Estrada.

My customized soil painting collection by John Estrada.

Decorated Bottle. Another artwork by John Estrada.

You may contact John at 09753266724.
To know more of him and see some of his paintings, please click JOHN ESTRADA.

To view the list of other Bukidnon soil painters and their artworks, please click: SOIL PAINTING ARTISTS OF BUKIDNON.

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