Friday, March 28, 2014

SUMMER DESTINATIONS: Trekero's Top Ten Recommendations

SUMMER's here again...

For sure, our feet are happier this time. Some are bound for beaches, adventure spots, lakes, caves, amusement parks, springs and some for mountains. Some even want to stay home with their family.
What's important is you know what you really prefer.

Enlisted are my top 10 Tourist Destinations. You may select one, a few or simply visit all them.

Top 10. DON SALVADOR BENEDICTO. The cool town of the Hacienderos.
For sure, only few have heard about this still town in Negros Occidental. An hour away from Bacolod, this Baguio-like town is good place to retreat, enjoy the sound of silence and explore the natural spots it offers.

a. The Serenity.