Thursday, April 23, 2015

BALISBISAN FALLS: Bukidnon's Hidden Wonderfall

 Balisbisan Falls in Impasugong, Bukidnon is a smaller version of Cotabato's Asik-asik Falls. Its water-sprouts are randomly spread in a 100-meter stretch of a curvy wall of Atugan Canyon. The main or prominent group of cascades amazingly sprout below the rocks vertically heaped on 90-degree wall. Other cascades randomly sprout on both of the verdant sides of the main cascades. The highest cascade is 15 feet high. The falls has no river source. In fact, it is a tributary to Atugan River lining below the wall. 

Balisbisan is derived from the word "balisbis or bisbis"  -- meaning "sprinkle or light shower", suffixed with "an" --- meaning "a place of..." in Cebuano grammar. Balisbisan, therefore, means "a place of light shower".

Balisbisan also means "eaves" --- an overhang at the lower edge of a roof.

A week after trekking with Farmer Javey to Magubo Falls in Impalutao, Bukidnon, I was so determined to trek to this wonderful cascades he introduced. The owner of the Ant Farm Javey gave me a contact person who could facilitate my trek to the falls. Then I've got to talk with Aler the night before my trek.

Aler, with his buddy Mairol, fetched me on motorcycle at Crossing Patulangan, Impasugong. 

We drove along the highway going to Poblacion, Impasugong. Not far after Atugan Bridge, we entered the road passing through a banana plantation at Sitio Kibangan. 

Around 2 kilometers away from the highway, we stopped at the lone hut and secured the motorcycle below a shade. 

No hint of waterfalls showed. All we could see are farmlands.

There we started the descent.
 We headed down through a steep trail to Atugan River. 
In a matter of minutes, we stepped on the beautiful, clear river. 

After a very short river trek, my eyes were captivated by random small water sprouts from the mossy and forested cliff. 


A little trek further brought us to the largest group of cascades sprouting right below the pile of rocks. Whoa! My heart leaped in joy knowing such a magnificent wonder exist in my home province. Unknown, hidden and almost untouched...

We headed past the cascades, trailed along the river to see more of the small sprouts ahead. There are still many of them.
Then we got back to the main cascades for I couldn't wait to savor its cool waters. THE CHILD IN ME WAS REVIVED!


I spent an hour under the cascades until I shivered. 

My two buddies also claimed their share.

We ate our trail foods. And we trailed back.   

I tried to look back to where we had been. I just grinned in awe how a wonderful waterfall hides in a wall below the farmlands.

To see the waterfalls alive, please watch the video below.


From Malaybalay, take a bus bound to CDO. Drop off at Crossing Patulangan, Impasugong. Keep in touch with the guide.

From CDO, take a southbound bus. Drop off at Crossing Patulangan, Impasugong. Meet your guide.

Update as of July 2016:

There is P20.00 right of way fee for trespassing one of the private farms 

For Guiding Services, please contact:

Aler - 09367133909
Dawdi - 09358809599


  1. Sir thanks a lot for sharing this adventure of yours. Very informative, and the directions are concise and easy to follow. Thanks

    1. You're very much welcome, Bob. Enjoy!

  2. nice and wonderful.. I hope to be there how much the guide pay?

    1. hi, loreto. thanks for reading. i budgeted P250- for my guide.
      enjoy the trek...

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  4. si, yung 250 na bayad nyo po sa guide is per head?

    1. yes, per head but i only paid for 1 person. the other one just tagged along...

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  6. wonderful :-) cant wait to visit here.. another spot to be included in the list.. thanks for this.. :-)

    1. never miss this, Tarah. you will truly enjoy here. thanks for reading.

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    1. sure you will enjoy! thanks for dropping by...