Monday, April 20, 2015


Bugtong Bato Falls in Barangay Tuno, Tibiao, Antique is a 7-tiered water falls. It is a tributary to the amazing Tibiao River. The falls is just a few meters away from Dot's Kamalig that offers a soothing kawa hot bath. Among the 7-tiers, only 3 is opened for guests. If you want to visit all the tiers, that would require a whole day, an expert guide and a river trekking skill.

After my exhilarating trek to MT. IGCORON in Valderrama, I badly looked for kawa hot bath to sooth my aching muscles. I headed to Tibiao and was finally blown in Brgy. Tuno. Then I was advised to go to Dot's Kamalig for a simple and cheaper hot bath. I trekked to the place with a guide as required by the barangay.


When I arrived at the place, a real bonus approached me!

Bugtong Bato Falls was really out of my mind. Never had I heard of it until I saw it. I was at the right place then.

My guide led me to the falls. We reached as far as the 3rd tier. The trek was so rewarding.


It was getting dark when we left the falls.

Back to the lodge, I joined the caretakers in a sumptuous dinner before I was executed through boiling in a kawa. Please see the KAWA HOT BATH OF ANTIQUE.

After the hot bath, I fell into a relaxing sleep in a bamboo hut lighted with a solar torch, added the sound of the falls.

The next day, I woke up well recharged. I trekked back to the 3 tiers of the falls, enjoying every bit of them.

When I was done, a satisfying breakfast was shared with the hosts. I trekked out of the place heavy hearted yet so fulfilled. 

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