Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GIVE BUKIDNON: Traveling and Giving

The GIVE Project is an initiative by Heiz Ramos, the Journeying Pinay. GIVE stands for Give Intensely, Victoriously, Enthusiastically. Because of her love for the tribe, she wants to impart something to them especially the kids. This lady believes that there's more to travel than by simply seeing places and bragging about them afterwards. She wants to do something that would somehow leave a simple happiness to the community she visited. That's the most meaningful travel, indeed.   

After the successful GIVE Ifugao, she happened to visit the green province of Bukidnon. She then decided to make the province the next venue for the project. After almost a year of conceptualization, GIVE Bukidnon was finally realized. The event would have been conducted earlier, but it was me who couldn't identify the venue. I wonder what took me so long. After all, we ended at my very hometown. Heiz (Journeying Pinay), Lai (Pinay Travelista), Bon (Contour Blog) and I (Trekero) visited the scenic barangay Pigtauranan--- the home of Lake Napalit.

Her initiative leaves me speechless, so I'm just gonna tell you the whole story through pictures...

Upon entering the barangay, the GIVErs Lai, Heiz and Bon excitedly posed before the lake.

Bon and Tupe taking more pictures of the excited GIVErs. Photo by Lai.

The community (Gawad Kalinga) is a typically peaceful image of a rural barangay.

Bon, Lai and Tupe pose before the program.

Lai taking pics of the curious children.

The slippers waiting for the happy feet.

It is understood that the local in the area is the emcee. Photo by Journeying Pinay.

The kids falling in line to receive simple gifts.

The kids applauding while Journeying Pinay gives her message.

The GIVErs with Barangay Chairman Pio Secadron and the kids.

A pair of slippers abandoned by the owner after receiving a new pair.

Journeying Pinay and her favorite kid.

Tupe, teary eyed watching the different reactions by the kids. Photo by Lai.

Journeying Pinay and the kids.

Maam Elsie and her pupils.

The GIVE team with the kids. Photo by Journeying Pinay.

The tempting Lake Napalit is truly a rewarding scenery to the GIVErs.

A usual view of Lake Napalit.

Carabao's wallowing in the lake.

The serene Lake Napalit.

Tupe in his worship pose. Photo by Lai.

Tupe in his signature trekero pose. Photo by Lai.

Tupe, Lai and Bon posed as best as they could. Photo by Journeying Pinay

Upon our way home, Journeying Pinay opted to ride at the back of the pick-up.

The whole team expresses its gratitude to Brgy. Chairman, Hon. Pio Secadron and Maam Elsie for the smooth facilitation of the event, Mayor Manolito G.Garces for providing us transportation, Ms. Dahlia Villaro and Tatay Jonas Calag for coordination and Dodong Lapiceros for taking us to the area.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, koya olan. i know you've done a lot of these too...

  2. It was really a heartbreaking scene when you know that the stuff to be given to these kids were not enough for their numbers. Maybe there's next time for these children. Thanking also with the company of Tupe, Lai and Heiz for a wonderful experience.

    1. there's always a bigger preparation for the next GIVE project. thanks also for coming, bon. your presence was a great help... sorry wala pa naluto ang tinolang native chicken pag-uli nimo.

  3. GIVING is LOVING. Your simple act of giving will go a long, long way. :)

    1. in behalf of the community, THANK YOU, earl for your help...

  4. Replies
    1. salamat, louie. i salute your "taklad ta mig" inititative too...

  5. nice GivE-ing with you Trekero! Thank you to all!