Friday, August 30, 2013


The Mountaineer’s Prayer
by Anita Atina

O honourable mountain
Allow me to walk to your peak
There are you, timeless, elegant
Framing the sun, the moon and the stars 

 With clouds kissing your hem
Allow me to tread quietly
Of the million paths that trellis your being
Let me find the path for me

 Wish that I travel well
Not so fast, that I miss your wonders
Neither so slow, that I lose all hope
Let my steps be firm, always pressing onwards 

As I climb a narrower mountain
Measuring pace and breath
Bless me with fellow travelers
Who enlighten my weary soul 

We are on a similar journey
And walk in quiet knowing
We may have come from afar,
But we now companions are 

The are many people we pass
Sitting tired by the trail
Some who are just resting
Others who've given up hope 

As I raise my eyes to the summit
I pray for the strength to walk on
For this climb is my life's purpose
And stop, I really can't

For when we scale the summit
We are one with all who reach
The summit doesn't care how we got there
But unites all who did

After I have jumped with joy
And the moment of elation has passed
Give me the grace, to walk down carefully
And thankfully, help others pass

For when I serve fellow climbers
in reaching your mighty peak
It is only true thanksgiving
That my soul can give 

June 14, 2008, Anita Atina

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