Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Old Pulangui River in North Poblacion, Maramag surely catches everyone's eyes whenever posted in the net. Yes, as it did mine. The simple post of a friend, Jeff, triggered my interest to visit the place. I inquired from him about it. Then I knew how to exploit the holiday courtesy of the Chinese.  


Pulangui River, a tributary to Rio Grande de Mindanao had been rerouted decades ago to fill the dam established by the National Power Corporation to power up its Hydro Power Plant. This has resulted to the formation of the Manmade Lake, another attraction in the municipality.


On a Chinese New Year, Jeff guided me on his motorcycle to the site. We only had an hour to explore the place since he was doing an overtime in the office. We drove along the dusted road heading to Crystal Sugar Mill. 

After crossing the bridge on a lining canal, we followed the road to Waig Resort. 

Not far from the bridge is a foot trail beneath the local houses. We entered through it.

At around 300 meter distance, we parked our ride and passed through a private property maintained by Crystal Sugar Mill.

I finally saw the natural Crystal Spring which I just saw in photos.

The overlooking view of the old Pulangui bed stun amidst the verdant scenery. 

We had to trek another 200 meters to get down to the bed.

And finally, the convergence of the Crystal Spring and the mighty river bed caught me in awe.

We met local fishers in the river who spend the night at the caverns on the side.

The aqua blue water was so tempting. Merely taking photos with it never completes the trip.

I decided to play in it, much more when I saw one fisher rode and paddled an improvised tube (tire) to cross the river and check his catch. 

I borrowed one tube from another fisher. I was so excited to play with the water like a kid.

 I took only one paddle. I paddled farther and spun round and round. 

I couldn't move back to get the other paddle so I used my hands. 

Paddling was a lot easier then but my position was not proper. 

The paddling fisher taught me how.

Time seemed to move so swift while I was enjoying. 

So I had to take a dip before going home. 

I took all the liberty to dip, swim, plunge, jump and swim.        

It was really a short time, but the experience I was succumbed in was really unforgettable.

The area is not yet developed for tourism, but this scenic spot in no time will be accounted as one of the tourist destinations in Bukidnon.

Thanks to Kuya Jeff for being my guide, driver and photographer.


In Maramag, proceed to Crossing Crystal and hire a habal-habal going to Crystal Sugar Mill. After crossing the bridge, turn left to the direction leading to Waig Resort. Take a stop at the residential area. Ask the locals for further direction. You may take a ride further or you may start trekking a 300-meter trail until you see the crystal spring. From there, take a short trek down the Pulangui river bed.

Trekking straight from the highway would be an interesting option.  

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