Friday, March 28, 2014

SUMMER DESTINATIONS: Trekero's Top Ten Recommendations

SUMMER's here again...

For sure, our feet are happier this time. Some are bound for beaches, adventure spots, lakes, caves, amusement parks, springs and some for mountains. Some even want to stay home with their family.
What's important is you know what you really prefer.

Enlisted are my top 10 Tourist Destinations. You may select one, a few or simply visit all them.

Top 10. DON SALVADOR BENEDICTO. The cool town of the Hacienderos.
For sure, only few have heard about this still town in Negros Occidental. An hour away from Bacolod, this Baguio-like town is good place to retreat, enjoy the sound of silence and explore the natural spots it offers.

a. The Serenity.

b. The eyesoothing Rice Terraces. 

 c. Trekking to Malatan-og Falls.

Top 9. SIQUIJOR. Get mystified and more.
Before the media have unleashed the wonderful sites of Siquijor, everyone was so reluctant to visit the so-called witchcraft island. Siquijor is never fearsome. In fact, its natural grandeur will not only mystify you, but also allures you to come back. Visit Siquijor and prove your ignorance wrong.

a. Healing Festival every Holy Friday

b. Bandilaan Peak

c. Cantabon Cave

d. Old Balete Tree

e. Lazi Church

f. Cambugahay Falls
Top 8. SULU. The paradise you might have misunderstood.
To armed men, Sulu is not a tourist spot. To locals, Sulu is not to be afraid of, nor its people. To a brave tourist, it's an untouched paradise. If there is one thing you should be afraid of, it's terrorism. And it exists not only in Sulu. 

a. Provincial Capitol

 b. The Mosques

 c. The Foods

 d. Quezon Beach in Patikul

Top 7.CUYO ISLAND. The island of silence.
Cuyo is the easternmost island of Palawan, situated between Panay and mainland Palawan. The small island is composed of three towns--- Cuyo, Agutaya and Magsaysay.  Its white beaches are uncrowded. Its highest peak is so trekkable. Simplicity, Serenity and Peace are among the adjectives that describe Cuyo.

a. The Lighthouse

b. Mt. Aguado

c. Capusan White Sand

d. The 1860 Church

Top 6. ANTIQUE. The coast, the highlands and the Kawa Bath.
Antique is the smallest and the most beautiful (open for objection) province of Panay Island. The home of Karay-a people, the province boasts of it's natural spots--- mountains, shorelines, waterfalls and the kawa hot bath among others.

a. Mt. Igcoron

 b. Valderrama Mountain Resort

c. Bugtong Bato Falls

d. The Therapeutic Kawa Hot Bath

Top 5. BUKIDNON. Do the roadtrip.
Bukidnon might not be at the top of the tourists' bucket list, this province offers almost all of the natural spots, excluding beaches. Many of these spots are so accessible from the main highway. Exploring them can even be done through a roadtrip. 

a. Waterfalls

b. Rivers and Springs

c. Hills

d. Lakes

e. Natural Parks

f. The Monastery

Top 4. LAKE SEBU. Cool down with nature.
Lake Sebu is one of my favorite destinations. I have visited this place countless times, yet the excitement is always like the first time. The living T'boli culture and its T'nalak weaving draws in the tourists. Besides, a tourist will be bombarded with its natural and manmade attractions.

a. The 7-Falls Zipline

b. The 7-series Waterfalls

c. The Lakes

d. The Springs

e. The Museum

f. The Handicrafts

g. The Tilapia Menus

h. The T'nalak

i. The T'bolis

Top 3. SAGADA. A worthful Saga.
A traveler who hasn't at least heard of Sagada, Mountain Province must be the most uninformed of his kind. Sagada is a home to natural and cultural wonders. This little town has been a favorite to local and global travelers.

a. Pongas Falls

b. Kiltepan Peak

c. Bomod-ok Falls

d. Echo Valley

e. The Hanging Coffins

f. Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves

g. Lake Danum

h. Ampacao Peak

Top 2. BUCAS GRANDE ISLANDS. Hop the islands, befriend the jellyfishes.
I'm not a beach person. But the hidden paradise islands of Surigao del Norte truly captivated my heart. It has magnificent white beaches, tranquil lake, well developed resorts, caves and jellyfish lagoon.

a. Club Tara Resort

b. Jellyfish Lagoon

c. Sohoton Cove

d. Coral Island

e. Starfish Island

f. Crystal Cave

g. Bolitas Cave

h. Tiktikan Lake

Top 1. CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN. From the country's highest to the smallest, from well-known to the unknown.
A trekero as I am, I really have a strong bias when it comes to mountains--- my first love. Summer time is the best way to climb mountains. Aside from the clear skies, we can also view the sunrises and sunsets. If you haven't been to the top of a mountain, then give it a try and you will surely feel an absolute freedom.

a. Mt. Apo

b. Mt. Kanlaon

c. Mt. Pulag

d. Mt. Pan de Azucar

e. Mt. Igcoron

f. Taal Volcano

g. Mt. Maculot

h. Mt. Kitanglad

i. Mt. Matutum

j. Mt. Dulang-dulang

k. Mt. Batulao

l. Ipes Peaks
m. Mt. Kalatungan


  1. Awesome images friend! I really like your blog. It is very interesting and looks like a very enjoyable places in the world. I am tourist and like to visit in different places around the world but i have never seen before such type of photograph in my life. Now I am recently come back on my New York Holidays with my family to enjoy the vacations. It is the best holidays in my life.

    1. thank you, friend! the philippines is truly gifted with awesome tourist destinations. and you're absolutely right! the best holidays in life is when they are spent with your family...

  2. That looks a nice place. Thanks for sharing! Anyway, you should also try to visit Harbor Point. I'm sure you'll love it too.

    1. Thanks, Mark! Harbor Point would be interesting too...