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Bukidnon is well endowed with natural scenic spots. Its vast land area possesses diverse tourist spots, both natural and manmade. Bukidnon is best visited not only during summer season but all year round. Whether you are an outdoorsy person or just a mere vacationist, here are the 20 tourist destinations in my home province I recommend.  


Mt. Kitanglad

The fourth highest mountain in the country is the most famous peak in Bukidnon. Towering at 2,899 meters ASL, this ASEAN Heritage site possesses a stunning landscape and magnificent view of its neighboring peaks.  The easiest jump-off is in Sitio Intavas, La Fortuna, Impasugong.

For booking, climb permit and other info, please PM “daffy daffodil” on Facebook

Mt. Kalatungan
The fifth highest summit in the country looms at 2,880 meters ASL, most accessible in the municipality of Pangantucan. The mountain has pigmy gardens/ forests in some areas. It has countless waterfalls, which one is clearly visible along its very challenging trail, Bukobuko sa Anay. The usual trek to this summit traverses to Mt. Lumpanag (Wiji’s Peak). The most accessible jump-off is in Barangay Mendis, Pangantucan.

For booking, climb permit and other info, please contact Ms. Lea M. Apal of Pangantucan Tourism Office at 0917-774-5868.

Mt. Dulangdulang
The 2,938 meters ASL altitude makes Mt. Dulangdulang the second highest peak of the country. This is famous for its mossy forest. This mountain is usually trekked in package with Mt. Kitanglad (D2K). It is best accessed from Sitio Bul-ogan, Songco, Lantapan.

For booking, climb permit and other info, please PM “daffy daffodil” on Facebook

Mt. Capistrano
A minor mountain in Malaybalay City with a rocky summit stuns everyone along the national highway. Towering at 609.6 meters, this mountain is trekkable for 2-3 hours. This mountain possesses a challenging cliffy trail. This can be accessed in Brgy. Managok or Sitio Binalbagan, Simaya, Malaybalay City. 

Mt. Palaopao
The 836 meters mountain in Brgy. Kisolon in Sumilao entices every passerby of its alluring beauty.  The mountain really looks like an easy trek. The view you see in the highway is just a half of its actual height. This deceitful mountain is a lent pilgrimage site to Catholic believers. It has a cross at the summit to prove it. 

CEDAR Multifalls
The reforestation site of Impalutao, Impasugong known as CEDAR or Center for Ecological Development and Recreation has multiple waterfalls to explore. The three major falls are named Gantungan, Natigbasan and Dila. The farthest, Dila Falls, is more or less a kilometer away from the highway. 

CINCHONA Multi-tiered Falls
Cinchona Falls in Kaatuan, Lantapan has more or less 5-tier waterfalls not too distant from one another. Each has its distinct features and levels of difficulties. 

Kibalabag MultiFalls
A barangay 20 km from Malaybalay City proper has 3 waterfalls to brag of. Kibalabag Falls is the closest to the highway, followed by Dumagongdong Falls. Katihan Falls is 2 hours trek away including river trekking.


Lake Apo

This 24-hectare lake is a great place to welcome the morning. This is privately maintained. It has accommodations and venue. The lake is really good for swimming and kayaking. The lake is best enjoyed when riding on a floating cottage.

Lake Napalit
The 36-hectare inland water in Brgy. Pigtauranan plays a vital role in the lives of IP’s in the barangay. It serves as the food basket of the tribe. The place is considered sacred. Its floating islets are among its best features. 

Dahilayan Forest Park
The famous longest dual zipline serves the visitors in this adventure site at the base of Mt. Kitanglad. Other amusements include zorb, luge, ATV and the exhilarating drop zone. The park also offers classy accommodations. The forest scenery is also breathtaking. 

Kampo Juan
This adventure park is known for its environmental advocacy. It made use of the areas no longer suited for agriculture due to impossible terrain. Organic foods are offered here. The place is most famous for its anicycle or bike on wire. 

White Rock Cliff Climbing and Rappeling plus Bluewater Cave Trekking
This adventure site is maintained by LGU-Quezon. An affordable package of rock climbing and rappelling is offered here. A side trip to Bluewater Cave can be done after the exhausting activity.
Bluewater Cave is located below the White Rock Cliff


Seagull Mountain Resort
This mountain resort located at the border of Bukidnon and Davao is an ideal place to cool down. It offers a mountain top scenery. It has classy accommodations and rugged camp sites for budget backpackers. It has its own pool and a mini-waterfall.

MGM Mountain Resort
Here, you can bring the whole family to experience sleeping in the forest. This place is just close from the national highway of Dologon, Maramag. The place is good for swimming, trampoline, horseback riding, waterbiking and an event reception.

Binahon Agroforestry Farm
The place is located in the cool base of Mt. Dulangdulang in Songco, Lantapan. Here you can experience sleeping in a native hut. The surrounding is full of forest trees and organically grown vegetables. A carrot processing center is also located here. 


Communal Ranch

A communal ranch of the municipality of Impasugong is a breath taking scenery in the mountains of the tribal town. It is just 20 minutes away from the town proper via habal-habal.

Sumalsag Cave
Sumalsag Cave is accessible in Brgy. Dalirig, Manolo Fortich. This cave may not be full of crystallized walls, the river passing through it makes it really challenging. It has portions with very narrow paths wherein one may crawl or walk like a duck. 

Musuan Peak
Just beside the highway past Valencia City, the 646 meters high active volcano resembles to a stray Chocolate Hill of Bohol. This is a 45 minute climb with view decks at the summit gracing your eyes with the awesome landscapes, Pulangui River and the city of Valencia.

Monastery of Transfiguration
Situated in Barangay San Jose, Malaybalay City, this structure resembles to an Egyptian pyramid. This monastery is a dwelling place to Benedictine Monks in Monastery Farms, producing and processing world class coffee branded as Monk’s Blend.


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    1. Thanks, Mark. Yes, you will surely enjoy your visit here in Bukidnon.

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