Tuesday, September 15, 2015

KALAMANSIG, SULTAN KUDARAT: Chasing Sunset and Welcoming Moonrise

Kalamansig is a coastal town of Sultan Kudarat province. Legend says the town derived its name from “Kulaman-su-wayeg”, meaning “Kulaman in the water”. Kulaman was a famous Sultan who drowned in the river when swept by a strong current while washing his gathered cassava for food on a long drought many years ago. Enough of history stuffs...

Kalamansig is known for its marvelous sunset since the town is located in the westernmost part of the province. The clear waters of Celebes Sea wash its beauteous coasts.  

Bound to Lake Sebu. As I always say, one of the the best things I love about solo traveling is spontaneity. Here's another unplanned trip. When my supposed travel buddies declined to join me in Lake Sebu, lots of possibilities played in my head. I have read posts about Kalamansig sunset, Ninoy Aquino's caves, Tacurong's Bird Sanctuary, Maguindanao's Pink Mosque and so on. I was confused how to manage my 3-day trip. I couldn't decide until I was seated on a bus bound for Tacurong 12 midnight. I cut my trip to Kabacan and if upon my arrival, there would be ride bound to Cotabato City, there will I proceed.

My decision was made firm by a Cotabato City bound van that awaited my arrival at early 3 am. It was 5:30 am when I reached Cotabato. I took a tricycle to Lebak terminal. The regular trip from Cotabato to Lebak starts at 9 am. That would be a very long wait. Luckily, a striker Hi-Ace van was waiting at the terminal. Off we departed with I as the only passenger but later fetched another passenger in Awang.

Passing through the well paved road of the highland Upi, Maguindanao is truly amazing. The place is cool, green and silent. The road is uphilling and winding. A refreshing view soothed my sleepless eyes.


Approaching Lebak, the road started to downhill, also winding. The driver, Oric, allowed me to take photos of wonderful views.

When we arrived at Lebak by 9 am, Oric brought me to a Kambingan where we filled our shivering tummies. He then looked for a habal-habal driver to bring me to Kalamansig, 9 kilometers away.

The driver recommended JV 24/7 Lodge for my stay. When I entered the room, I snored my sleepless night right away.

When I woke up by 2 pm, I walked to the market and found pastil for late lunch.

The sun was still up when I rode a payong-payong to Poral beach. Rain delayed my trip. When the sun shed its scorching heat again, I was hopeful to catch the sunset.

I trekked to the other side of a small hill to reach the white-sand Tayandak Beach. There I waited for the sunset.

I was so marveled when red painted the western skies while Celebes waters devoured the fiery ball. 

When it started to get dark, I trekked back to Poral beach. While on my way, another celestial light awed from the other side. The moon was high.

When morning came, I walked around the simple town mingling with locals, observing their usual activities. I left Kalamansig by 10 am.


1. From Cotabato City, take a van that travels straight to Kalamansig (P350).
2. From Isulan, there are also vans that travel straight to Kalamansig (P350).
3. You may also take a van bound for Lebak (still P350). From Lebak, take a habalhabal to Kalamansig (P50).


1. Poral Beach Lodge - P400-800/ room
2. JV 24/7 Lodge - P400-500/ room     

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