Monday, May 2, 2016

SAGPULON FALLS: Water Sprouts Amidst the Drought

Due to El Niño phenomenon, the main 150 feet cascade dried up. These random water sprouts are unaffected, though.
Sagpulon Falls is a 150-feet cascade gracing the mossy cliff of Solana, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. This is among the tourist destinations in the coastal town of Jasaan. The gigantic falls is escorted by random springs with different sources which sprouts are unaffected by long drought. The cold drops are collected in a vast natural swimming pool. Currently, the local government is constructing a multipurpose building with lodges. The road and trails are also paved for tourist convenience. 

From the highway, going to the falls starts at Barangay San Isidro in front of Spring View Resort. Habalhabals are the main means of transportation for commuters going to the falls 6 kilometers away.   

Everybody clamors for a cool dip especially on a long drought brought by El Niño phenomenon. 

I and my office colleague, James, decided to visit Sagpulon Falls on a weekend. However, spending the whole day at the falls will be too long. So we decided to pass by Agutayan Island first. From CDO, we dropped off at Petron station at Kimaya, Jasaan. We met our boatman and started our island adventure.  

After being toasted in Agutayan Island, we took a habalhabal from Brgy. Kimaya to Spring View Resort in Brgy. San Isidro. We then proceeded to Sagpulon Falls in Brgy. Solana via paved road.

From the entrance, we passed by hanging bridge and took concrete stairs along the river heading to the falls. After 300 meter walk, we heard the sounds of splashing water and loitering crowd. 

I was a bit (just a bit) disappointed of the structures blocking the natural view of the falls. The site is improved for commercialization. Hopefully, its natural beauty will never be compromised.     
A structure blocking the full view of the dried up falls 

Getting closer to the falls, construction of cottages and bathrooms is on going. 
I was almost dazed by the crowd. Others are settled in cottages, others in big rocks avoiding the sting of the sun. Pack of swimmers flooded in the water. Everyone wanted a cool dip.

Unluckily, I never saw the main water drop, the 150-feet one. Its river source dried up. The wall was really thirsting.

Good thing, the entourage sprouts were still there unaffected by long drought. The highest is 40 feet high. I was reminded of Asik-asik, Sinulom and Balisbisan falls where waters just sprout from the wall. No river, no stream.

Some youngsters and strong-kneed visitors got closer to the gentle curtains. Some jumped as high as 30 feet high. Some braved to take a dive. Some were contented cheering. Some were enjoying the cool dip. EVERYONE WAS DELIGHTED!   

Here's a short video clip of the site:

To see the falls in its full glory, visit my friend's blog here: SPECTACULAR SAGPULON FALLS OF JASAAN.


From Agora Terminal in CDO, take an eastbound bus (like going to Gingoog, Balingoan etc.) Alight at San Isidro, Jasaan in front of SPRING VIEW RESORT. Habalhabals are available at P50.00 per head direct to the entrance of the falls. Take a 300 meter short walk via hanging bridge and concrete staircases.

If you want to visit Sagpulon Falls and Agutayan Island in a day, here's a quick guide: AGUTAYAN ISLAND AND SAGPULON FALLS DAYTOUR.


  1. Sir Tupe thanks for this info. Just one question, can 4-wheel vehicles reach the entrance of the falls before the walking part? I'm planning to visit this place along with my friends. Thank you.

    1. Yes, sir bob. The entrance is so accessible via 4wheel ride. The 6km road is almost completely paved. Include agutayan island in your trip too.. . Enjoy!

    2. Thanks for the swift response sir. Yes I'll include Agutayan island in our trip also. The photos of the island made my wife excited, courtesy of your blog.