Monday, August 29, 2016

KAULAYANAN: A Heavenly Village in the Mountains

Carrot Plantation with Kitanglad range on background

Kaulayanan is a sitio of Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag, Bukidnon. This small village is a Talaandig community. The village is perfectly situated at the foothills of Mt. Kalatungan Range directly facing Mt. Kitanglad Range. The cool mountain weather makes the village suitable to high valued crops. While in Kaulayanan, the barangays of Basac and Kibanggay in Lantapan are clearly visible. The ordinary setting of the village is already stunning. The amazing landscape, the contours and symmetry of vegetable gardens are just few reasons why I fell in love with the place. 

Nasulong Peak is the closest hill to Kaulayanan
There are lot more reasons why I love Kaulayanan. The village possesses wonderful hills, amazing view of the lowlands, magnificent sunrise and very warm barriotic hospitality. Interestingly, Kaulayanan is an entry point to Lumpanag Peak (the twin summit of Mt. Kalatungan Peak). Most of all, it is a doorstep to exploring hidden wonders of Mt. Kalatungan Range.

But remember, the road to paradise is never easy. Literally.
The marker at the crossing to Sitio Kaulayanan from Brgy. Basac

The river that borders Basac, Lantapan and Kaulayanan, Talakag

Trail approaching the village of Kaulayanan

Sunrise shot on a gloomy morning

View of Kalatungan Range
Carrot plantation and corn field
Carrot plantation with Kitanglad Range on background
View of Kalatungan Range
An old acacia tree at the base of Nasulong Peak
A river that serves swimming pool to locals

Manupali na Maputi is accessible via Kaulayanan

Manupali na Maliga is also accessible via Kaulayanan

White Falls takes 4hour trek from Kaulayanan

Paniningawan Falls require 5hour trek from Kaulayanan

A. Easier but Expensive Option = P210.00
-From Malaybalay transport terminal, take a jeepney bound for Brgy. Kibanggay (Lantapan) costing P60.00. Hire a habalhabal direct to Sitio Kaulayanan (of Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag) costing P150.00.

B. Tiring but Cheaper Option = P90.00
-From Malaybalay transport terminal, take a jeepney bound for Brgy. Kibanggay (Lantapan) costing P60.00. Hire a habalhabal to Brgy. Basac costing P30.00. Hike 5 km uphill to Sitio Kaulayanan (of Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag) costing a lot of sweat and muscle pain.


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    1. that's true. chada gyud, everything, especially people's hospitality...
      for sure, your place will be my regular destination.

  2. Grabe ka amazing sir. Hope I can see this wonderful paradise of the thousand reasons why i love bukidnon

    -tonsky tubongbanua

  3. So amazing sir. Hope i can visit this wonderful paradise soon.

    1. Thanks, tonsky. Visit this paradise and you will find out more.. .