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ABAGA NA MAPUTI: Trekking White River to White Falls

Abaga na Maputi or White Falls, not its official name, is another stunning waterfall in the interiors of Mt. Kalatungan Range in Talakag Area. White Falls streams its icy cool waters down Manupali na Maputi (White River). The falls is approximately 60 meters high. It is best accessed from Sitio Kaulayanan, Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag through 3-4 hours trek.  

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I spent the past night sleepless. Bruises and cuts gave me skin itch and burning sensation. I had to wear again my wet clothes for another long trek. From our sloping camp in Timbangalanon Ridge, we crossed down a minor creek and ascended up Nasadok Ridge. 

There was no established trail to the falls we were headed to. We blazed our own trail across hostile sloping ridge with thorny vines, poison ivies and enormous log fells.

Sleepless night, insufficient food, muscle pains and skin discomfort pestered me while on trail. We climbed 90 degree cliffs, clinging on soft roots and thorny stems while loose rocks were falling behind. We crossed another creek until we set foot on Nasigadan Ridge. 

Nasigadan Ridge is abundant with creeks and streams so water source was never an issue. It was the most difficult part of the trek though. When we heard the roar of gushing Manupali na Maputi, we searched for a way down to it. We halted several times, waiting for the guide's signal if we could proceed. When the river was already visible, the road seemed impossible. Our guide insisted to jump down to the water from a high cliff. And he did.

If we do the same, it was a clear suicide. We looked for another way which took us almost an hour to reach the river bed. To make long story short, we touched down the icy cold water through almost 90 degree slippery cliff clinging to soft and loose barks. Sadly, the damage to vegetation brought by 14 people sliding down was really obvious.

We trekked the cold, white river to our destination. It was a long trek. Cold, dangerous, slippery and tricky. Amusing views of rapids, small falls and mossy vegetation refreshed and comforted us. The untouched river is so enchanting.

An hour of river trekking culminated when the falls we targeted showed off its majesty. Our death defying efforts really paid off.


The 60 meter high drop cascades between delicate walls where it carefully hides. We got to the top of it and felt the joy being on top.

We uphilled Dangyaka Ridge, crossed a creek, uphilled Maubul-ubul Ridge and another hour brought us to Lantod Ridge. We finally crossed Malugayad Linaw, meaning wide, long pool.
Malugayad Linaw, meaning wide, long pool is an hour away from Kaulayanan

It took us around an hour of descent to reach back the village of Kaulayanan where heavy rain generously soaked us all wet before we finally found refuge.

I never refused the hot binignit, newly cooked pancakes and hot sip of Milo that graced my arrival on a shivering rainy afternoon. I was comfortably laid down to nap under warm fleece blankets.

Smoky hot chicken stew sufficed my hungry stomach at dinner. After meaningful talk with my family host, I snored the night away, so warm, comfortable and at home.

I woke up the next morning just before sunrise. A restful night, added an oatmeal, was enough energy to hike from Kaulayanan Village down to highway of Brgy. Basac, Lantapan.

Along the way, I was stunned by the wonderful views of mountain ranges, vegetable plantations and sunrise. 

It took me an hour to reach Brgy. Basac with tempting Timago River to cross...
Timago River borders Basac, Lantapan and Kaulayanan, Talakag

From Basac, I hired habalhabal to to take me to Kibanggay where jeepneys ply to and from Malaybalay.

Summary of Ridges and Rivers Crossed:

Nasadok Ridge
Nasigadan Ridge 
Manupali na Maputi
Abaga na Maputi
Dangyaka Ridge
Maubul-ubul Ridge
Lantod Ridge 
Malugayad Linaw
Timago River

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dave Talian, his father Wilfen Talian and his whole family for very warm accommodation and for arranging the trek. I am also very thankful to the guide and whole team that accompanied my trek. 

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A. Easier but Expensive Option = P210.00
-From Malaybalay transport terminal, take a jeepney bound for Brgy. Kibanggay (Lantapan) costing P60.00. Hire a habalhabal direct to Sitio Kaulayanan (of Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag) costing P150.00. Look for a guide (P500/day).

B. Tiring but Cheaper Option = P90.00
-From Malaybalay transport terminal, take a jeepney bound for Brgy. Kibanggay (Lantapan) costing P60.00. Hire a habalhabal to Brgy. Basac costing P30.00. Hike 5 km uphill to Sitio Kaulayanan (of Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag) costing a lot of sweat and muscle pain. Look for a guide (P500/day).

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