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Monday, March 11, 2013


BLUE WATERS or Blue Water Cave in Quezon, Bukidnon is an underground river passing through a cave. Its naturally clear bluish water drains to Pulangui River, a tributary to Rio Grande de Mindanao. A white rock cliff proudly walls above Blue Waters. The wall is a good site for Rock Wall Climbing operated by the local government of Quezon.
Blue Waters

They say weekend is a time to rest. Nobody disagrees. But rest does not always mean doing nothing. Some find it so inactive and boring. Some do travel and trek to get rested. And if you’re in Bukidnon, that’s the best way to rest! The place is well-endowed with accessible outdoor spots where you can sweat out, unload your stress and commune with nature.

I woke up late one Saturday. Bringing home my job is really foolishness. I needed rest yet bored of doing nothing. My feet were itching. I wanted to go out but city wasn’t and will never be a relaxing place for me. I wanted an outdoor escapade. It was almost noon. Where could I possibly spend a half day adventure?

From Valencia City, I traveled around an hour to San Jose, Quezon, Bukidnon. Right after a high bridge that marks the boundary of Quezon and Maramag, one can see the enormous white rock cliff. 

 Everyone is required to log in at the mini-reception hall operated by LGU-Quezon.

A narrow trail leading to the blue water cave is clearly visible and no guide is required to reach it. 

At the depth of the right side is the view of the fierce Pulangui river while the white rock cliff monopolizes the view at the left.

 Around 10 minutes of trekking took me to the concrete stairway leading down to the cave. 

When I arrived at the cave, few picnickers were already taking their lunch.

The inviting cool blue water let me plunge into it in an instant.  Enjoying the refreshing coolness of the water made me time-unconscious.  
I got out of the water at around 3pm. 

I ate my trail foods and moved backtrail enjoying the view, taking pictures of myself.

While on the ride going back to Valencia, I was thinking how to exploit the remaining light of the day.

It was almost 5:00pm when I dropped down at the entrance of Mt. Musuan Botanical Garden. I had to summit Musuan Peak to catch the sunset.

I was racing with the sun this time. It was going down while I was moving up. 

I arrived at the summit in 30minutes, taking the shortest yet steepest trails.

I then checked the annoying vandals proudly marked by the so-called Future Foresters I discovered during my last climb. And lo, it was still there.

The sun was so selfish hiding beneath the rainclouds. 

I was looking for a nice view when the strong winds began to blow.
After 15 minutes and threatened by rain, I hurried down in no time.

Sweat, pictures and the experience made my Saturday a fruitful one. That was the first time I trekked Blue Water Cave and Musuan Peak in a day--- a half day to be exact. 


1. BLUE WATER CAVE, Quezon, Bukidnon
-From CDO, take a regular bus bound for Davao and drop off right AFTER the bridge at Kiuntod, Camp 1, Maramag. Travel time is around 3.5 - 4.5 hours.

-From Davao, take a regular bus bound for CDO and drop off right BEFORE the bridge in Kiuntod, Camp 1, Maramag. Travel time is around 3-4 hours.

-From anywhere in Bukidnon, take any means of transpo to Maramag. Then take a multicab bound for Quezon. Drop off right after the bridge in Kiuntod, Camp 1, Maramag.

2. MUSUAN PEAK, CMU, Maramag, Bukidnon
-From CDO, take a regular bus bound for Davao and drop off at the gate of Musuan Peak right BEFORE the Philippine Carabao Center, CMU, Musuan. Travel time is around 3 hours.

-From Davao, take a regular bus bound for CDO and drop off at the gate of Musuan Peak right AFTER the Philippine Carabao Center, CMU, Musuan. Travel time is around 3 hours.  


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  2. So happy and proud of you, Tupe!

  3. Nice post indeed! Thanks for the information. I've been wanting to climb Musuan Peak ever since I studied at CMU. Hopefully, I can realize it.

    1. Thanks, Stella. The mountain awaits your visit.