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Be seen on TV? 
Are you serious? 
Shooting tomorrow?

Wow, that must be my greatest outdoor adventure!

A giant network features Bukidnon. It's no less than GMA 7. An image of a peaceful Mindanao, Bukidnon boasts of its Kaamulan Festival, rich agriculture, booming industries, grandiose summits and awesome sceneries. Yet, there’s so much to explore in Bukidnon. With its raging rivers, mighty terrains and grand mountains, Bukidnon is full of exciting adventures.

The notice, preparations, storyline and hosts in an instant!

Bon of, Earl of and I were tasked to promote the province’s tourist destinations. 

Bon and Earl

An introductory pose
A trekker, a runner and a great driver, all different but sharing same passion, we had to do a roadtrip. It was our first time to go outdoors together. And we were up for many adventures!  And the most adventurous of all, WITH A ROLLING CAMERA...

So here's the video: 

And here's the making: 

A 20-minute ride from Malaybalay City proper, Brgy Can-ayan is known for its wonderful rolling hills. 

Its clean river running on a beautiful landscape is so tempting for kids and adult alike. 

You can not only swim there but also do river tubing. 

A rubber tube is made up of an improvised life saver--- that is an interior of a tire. It is webbed with a strong strap so one can sit on it. So Pinoy style.

Just P750.00 per person, one will truly enjoy the packaged tubing service from Bai and Shop Outdoor Center. It includes gears rental, meals, group guiding fee and transportation to the starting point and from the finishing point. It takes 3 hours to complete the whole 8-kilometer course.

A short trek to the starting point is really fun. The view of the landscape is so invigorating.

It’s a more adventurous tubing because we had to it by ourselves, no individual guides. We couldn’t help but scream being flown and shaken by the rapids. 

The awesome scenery along the way truly wowed our eyes.  

To make most of the adventure, we also plunged in the cool refreshing waters and unleashed the child in us.

What to consider:
  1. Tubing is more enjoyable if the water is high.
  2. Bring trail foods and drinking water.
  3. Wear shades to protect the eyes.
  4. Cover your hands and feet to avoid sunburn.
  5. Don’t be shy to wear sunblock.


After communing with the rapids, we proceeded to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich. A 4x4 off-road vehicle of Trix Off-road awaited us in Brgy. San Miguel. Bon, the driver was the main man of this event.

My first time to ride an off-road vehicle, the experience was as fun as toploading in the Cordilleras.

The rough road along Del Monte farms makes a more exciting road trip. A Bukidnon experience is more complete getting dusted in its interior roads.

Around 40 minutes drive, we finally arrived at the park.

What to consider:
  1. Hold fast to avoid falling from the vehicle (Wahahaha!).


The towers are 140 feet high. The vertical drop-off is 120 feet. A little shiver wrapped my knees as I wore the harness and helmet. Earl felt the same too. We were to fly together. While we were readied for the lift, we had the same single thought --- GOD. I really prayed and I noticed him doing the same.

WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS? Why suffer this kind of fear? 

The park’s crew and the men behind the camera were laughing at us.

I am not afraid of heights but I couldn’t imagine how to react to a sudden head-first vertical drop. And it’s 120 feet! But I said I’m up to every adventure.


While moving up, the tightness of our cold, shivering interlocked hands caused a “kantyaw” from the watching girls below. They were screaming upon every roll of the pulley. We stayed above for a while. We were comforting each other. I noticed we were talking with changed suppressed voices.

The operators then gave us an “approve” sign. We replied the same. Earl then was cued to unlock the release button. And…….


We screamed our hearts out! Like crazy. My mouth in its widest. I felt my face was like a scratched tissue. All my wrinkles activated. I almost couldn’t hold my piss. I heard myself shouting “ARINOLA!!!!!”

After the vertical drop, we were swinging many times like a giant pendulum.

Waaaaaah! The screaming (and some cursing) lasted for more than a minute.

When the swinging stopped, we were interviewed of our reactions while still on our inclined position. Earl joked for a second take. The crowd and the fans were also shouting “TAKE TWO, TAKE TWO!” I nervously agreed. But Earl was holding fast to the steel bars saying “AYOKO NA, AYOKO NA!

We were lifted once again. The “kantyaw” was intensified. The girls were uttering “Look, they hold hands more tighter. Sino kaya sa kanila?”

Earl reiterated he was only joking for the second take. But there we were, ready for the second fall.


Same feeling, same fear but we already managed to modulate our screams into manly voices. Hehehe!
When the swaying stopped, they were shouting “Take three, take three!”

No, it’s too much! I challenged GMA’s crew to do the same just to get even. I was replied with a grin.

I undid my harness, waving at my fans. I walked down like a drunk dancing cha-cha-cha…

Whew! The fall that I feared most was really enjoyable. We did it not once but twice!

MORAL LESSON: “Gaano man kabigat ang dinaramdam, pag may katuwang, lahat gumagaan.” Forgive my “lumang-luma at napakagasgas” saying.

What to Consider:
  1. If you’re altophobic, forget about this.
  2. If you have high blood pressure or heart ailment, this might not be good for you.
  3. Don’t hesitate to hold another’s hand.
  4. Don’t suppress your scream to release your fear.
  5. Take a pee before doing this.

Other adventures we experienced in Dahilyan Adventure Park include Flying Lizard, Zipline and Horseback Riding.


Along the road, we stopped and filled our stomachs with sweet corn.

As reward to ourselves, we treat ourselves at PINUTOS sa KANTO in Brgy. San Miguel, Manolo Fortich. Pinutos means “binalot” or packed. Their bestsellers include pinutos chicken and pinutos pork. The main dish, native chicken or pork, is first made adobo and then fried. With rice, it is packed in banana leaf. Another best seller is the roasted beef. Having fed on pineapple wastes makes Bukidnon’s beef yummier and tastier.

The famous Del Monte pineapple was our dessert.

Always remember:
  1. Pray before you eat.
  2. Shoot the food after you pray.
  3. Pay your bills.

And………. CUT!

All these we did with a video camera rolling…

GMA crew attaching GoPro camera to the off-road vehicle

The bloggers Earl, Tupe, Bon and the crew of GMA7 Mark, Willar and Jess.
This Roadtrip was made possible by the Bukidnon Provincial Tourism Office and GMA 7’s show--- Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Thanks for the short artista experience!

Other Partners: Bai and Shop, Trix Off-Road, Dahilayan Adventure Park and Pinutos sa Kanto.

Contacts: Dahilayan Adventure Park - 0922-880-1319
Provincial Tourism Office (Laila Marte) - 0917-326-8920  


  1. WOW! That was an amazing and awesome adventure Tupe Trekero! In addition, your write-up is great, being entertaining and informative at the same time!! > Mdme. Jovita C. Calo

    1. thanks, madame. these words encourage to further improve my post, to more effectively inform the readers.

  2. looking forward for that short artista moments on TV! :) when's this gonna be airing Mr. Tupe? :)

  3. Hahaha.....Grabe ka detail. Parang ramdam ko na. hehehehehe.:-).

  4. Wow! Napanood ka nmin sa Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho dito sa Dubai! More power. We love you!

    1. thank you, bro and sis. just keep posted and have the idea what to visit here when you come home...

  5. mukhang masaya sir sa dropzone uh pero mukha din di ko kaya hahaha. or depende siguro sa kaholding hands ko. ayeeee! galing!!

    1. sarap talaga, jo. tumili ka lang, tanggal ang kaba. at kung maganda ang ka-holding hands. hehehe. pilyo!

  6. Ah napanuod ko to dati, ikaw pala yun. yes, artista! na enjoy ko yung episode na yun, thrilling sa dahilayan!

    1. Tnx, kirk. ang ganda talaga sa dahilayan--- scenery and adventure. yung show nyo rin sa TV dati, nakakatawa. ang saya-saya nyo rin.