Friday, September 5, 2014

CUYO, PALAWAN: An Island Faraway

Cuyo Island, the largest among the islands of Cuyo Archipelago in Palawan covers the municipalities of Cuyo and Magsaysay. This silent island measures 57 square kilometers. Cuyo is said the be the home of a Spanish Fort with its high stone walls sheltering a church and a convent.

After an unplanned trip to Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, I was back to Iloilo by 2 pm. For hours, I waited anywhere for the time to board the ship to Cuyo Island. On board, I entertained myself shooting the sunset.

The boat (MV Milagrosa) departed from Iloilo port by 7:00 pm. I could hardly sleep due to excitement of getting lost in a secluded island.

I woke up as early as 5:30 am, peeping through the window to see the vast ocean and some visible islets. I really wasn't bored waiting for more hours to finally reach the port.

My heart leaped in joy when the island of Cuyo came into view.

It was 10:00 am when we docked at Cuyo Port. The long, fine sand of Capusan Beach caught my eyes when I got offboard. Without itinerary, I didn't know where to go then.


My love for the mountains made me familiar with Mt. Aguado. So I targeted to trek the mountain. I walked around and sufficed my tummy's clamor at Chowtime Lodge and Resto Bar.

I hired a tricycle driver to take me to Mt. Aguado (P25.00 one way fare). I climbed the small mountain for 20 minutes passing along the Way of the Cross Stations. The whole part of the island can be overlooked atop Mt. Aguado.

After the trek, I went back to the town proper. I took a walk to Capusan Beach and enjoyed the scenery by myself.


After getting toasted in a noonday sun, I strolled around the little town passing by the municipal hall, the university, the church, the plaza, the highway and the public market.

When the sun started to descend, I walked back to the port and waited for the boat to take me back to Iloilo. The sunset gave a dramatic hue of the skies when I waved goodbye to the beautiful island.

The boat departed by 6:00 pm. The next day, I arrived Iloilo by 6:00 am. The day was still young and the island of Guimaras was so tempting for another day trek.

Cuyo is said to be the location of Judy Ann Santos' "Ploning". Knowing the island triggered my interest to watch the said movie.  


To Cuyo--- From Iloilo, MV Milagrosa travels every Thursday by 7:00 pm to Puerto Princesa. It passes by Cuyo and stays there for hours before proceeding to the mainland.

From Cuyo--- The boat from Puerto Princesa passes by Cuyo every Friday and departs by 6:00 pm going back to Iloilo. 


There are lots of low cost homestays in Cuyo. If you want a budget lodge, CHOWTIME LODGE and RESTO BAR offers a room for 2-3 pax at P150/pax/night. 


  1. I was somewhat digesting the contents of this post when I read it. Indeed, it is such an amazing paradise. Can I go to this place without going to Iloilo City? Is there a ship coming from Manila Pier straight to Cuyo Island?

    1. really amazing place. i just didn't have the chance to stay longer, i was chasing the boat schedule. as far as i know, another way to visit cuyo is via puerto princesa.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. Looking at the pictures of this post push me hard to pursue a plan of visiting the place.

  3. wow!!! It's more fun in Cuyo

  4. Finally, I am pushing to visit Cuyo via Iloilo this coming Holy Thursday, March 24, 2016. However, the boat leaves Cuyo after 5 hours of stay the following day. I wanted to stay overnight there. Is there a boat that arrives there Saturday and ply to Puerto Princesa, so that I can have my flight back to Manila by Sunday

    1. sadly, during my visit, the ship from iloilo going to puerto princesa arrives at cuyo friday morning. friday evening is when the ship from puerto princesa going back to iloilo arrives in cuyo. if i'm not mistaken, the next boat from puerto going back to iloilo passes by cuyo monday evening. but that needs to be verified.