Friday, September 5, 2014

SUMAGUING CAVE: It's Features and Formations


Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province is always present in the spot list of every Sagada visitor. It is a spacious, wide area perfect for even a first timer's caving experience. Spelunking expertise is not strictly required here. Only time (2 hours) and a minimal cash (P500 for group of four) is required to explore this cave. It has numerous formations and markings that will amaze the tourists. The cave is also tagged as the "porn cave".

Let's get in deeper and see why...

The concrete stairway leading to the entrance of the cave

The marker with date when the cave was opened for tourists. 

The Entrance

The Pigpen 

 The Elephants

 The Queen 

The King

 The Prince

 The Princess

 The Cupcake

 The Crocodile's Teeth

 The Water Terraces

The Fossilized Seashells

Mother and Child

 The Swimming Pool

Petromax lights up the cavers' way

Other spelunkers exploring the cave

Tomas- our guide, Wataru Sakurai- a Japanese tourist and Kleo- a fellow Bukidnon going down through a watery rock

In one of the holes

With the cupcake formation

A depth with dripping water

Tomas demonstrates the way down

Just a random pose

At the swimming pool

With Kleo and Wataru in a unique formation

Going up needs to hold on to this rope

Another convenient way to go up


Sumaguing Cave can be explored for a package of P500 guide fee inclusive of the following:

1. Burial Rock View Deck

2. Visit to Lumiang Cave Entrance

3. Village View Deck  


Via Baguio: 
From Manila, take a Victory Liner Bus (Pasay or Cubao) to Baguio City (P450). At Baguio, proceed to Dangwa Terminal and take a Lizardo Bus to Bontoc or direct to Sagada. The first trip is 6:00 am (P200). From Bontoc, take a jeep to Sagada (P45).

Via Banaue:
From Manila, take a night trip (7:00 pm) Ohayami or Florida Bus (Sampaloc Terminal) to Banaue. Upon arriving Banaue by 6:00 AM, proceed to the terminal and take a jeepney to Bontoc (2 hours). In Bontoc, proceed to DTI Office building and take a jeepney to Sagada (1 hour).


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