Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BOMOD-OK FALLS: The Big Falls of Sagada

Bomod-ok Falls is a gigantic waterfall in Banga-an, Sagada, Mountain Province. Bomod-ok is a Bontoc term meaning "big". The falls is said to be 200 meters high. It can be accessed through trekking via scenic rice paddies and native villages. 

Sometime ago, I and my wife, Hazel visited Sagada together. When we looked at the list of packaged tours at Sagada Tourism Information Center, we concluded Bomod-ok Falls would be challenging given its long trekking demand. For convenience, we paid P600 for transportation to jump off point in Banga-an and from exit point in Aguid. 

We registered in Banga-an Tourists Information Center and hired a guide for P500. We started trekking at around 2:30 pm. 

We knew it was a long descending trek but we enjoyed hopping through paddies and villages.   

The soothing view of the mountains let us forget the distance we were treading.

Sweat were dripping all over until we heard the roaring sound of the falls. When we first had a glance of it, it drew us like magnet.

An hour of trekking brought us face to face with the falls. It was indeed big! So big...

We couldn't get closer to it with our camera on. It powerfully shed its mists. 

Our trek would not be complete without soaking in its cold waters.

Before sundown, we trekked back taking another way to Aguid.

We decided to uphill barefoot and enjoyed the scenic view all around. 

The sun already hid when we departed Aguid back to town proper.

We witnessed PANAG-APOY RITUAL before taking a sumptuous meal and a cold night rest. See my related post about PANAG-APOY RITUAL.

Note: When arriving Sagada, proceed directly to Tourism Information Center and choose for tour packages that suit your interest and budget.

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