Tuesday, January 8, 2013


A long trip, indeed! In this long holiday, it took us around 8 hours to reach Sagada from Baguio. After checking in at Ganduyan Inn, we hurried to the public cemetery to witness the firesetting ritual. The view of fire and smoke magnetized our feet to reach the site in no time.

Panag-apoy (to light a fire) Ritual is done every dusk of November 1 as reuniting with the dead loved ones.

This unique rite of the Kankanaey tribe filled the cemetery with different people--- locals, tourists, photographers, media and other victims of curiosity. 

In my sincere pursuit for her, I did all I can to get near her. Many are craving for her. I found my own way. Amidst the darkness, she’s the only light.  I didn’t care of the danger, risk and peril.  All I cared about was to get her and call her my own.   

That was the first time I witnessed such an event. The view was like a hell portrayed in movies. But no creepy feeling accompanied me. 

The crowd and the fire boosted my interest amidst graves, pantheons and crosses.  

After witnessing the ritual, an interesting dinner sufficed our stomachs. The tiresome trip and cold air gave us a good night sleep.

Next Stop: Pongas Falls


  1. one awesome experience!!!!! Kaibog sad ko. would love to witness this too!

    1. mark your calendar on november 1 and visit sagada. really an awesome cultural experience.