Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The morning of our last day was spent hiking to the Echo Valley. 

We passed by the church and the cemetery. 

And suddenly, the view of the 90⁰ cliffs blew my mind away! 

Much more when I saw a tall pointed rock nearly hanging at the flat wall with almost immeasurable height.

Obsessed with her form and beauty, my heart said she was not for my eyes only. My spirit wanted myself be on top of her and declare my conquest. Nothing could stop me. And before I knew it, I was at the peak already. My knees shivered in ecstasy.

My stunt wasn’t soundly captured on cam because the photographer shivered more than I did. 
He almost threw up at the ball-squeezing sight of me standing upon the rock.  

After performing my stunt, we headed down to the hanging coffins with his rant and reprimand.

The pile of coffins came into sight as we got closer to the hanging coffins.
Trying to do the same pose I did a year earlier
The view of the hanging coffins on a cliff rock was truly unusual for the first timers. I freshly remembered the first time I came to that place.

This was pose was taken a year earlier
Seeing their position, one can imagine how difficulty they were hung.  They are lain in beams projecting outward from vertical surface. 

According to kankanaey belief, hanging coffins could prevent bodies from being taken by beasts. Besides, souls are believed to blessed eternally. 

From the hanging coffins, the tip of the rock where I performed my stunt is awesomely seen. 

On our ascent, we enjoyed to blend with the wonderful view of Echo valley.

My signature pose
The same pose taken a year earlier 
I always love to do my signature pose in every place I appreciate so much.

I was also fascinated to pose at the pantheons.
On our way back to the lodge, we spent a little time with the Century Bell in front of the church.

It was 10 am when we departed Sagada fo Bontoc. Empty-pocketed, my spirit almost died joining the throng falling in line at the offline very in-demand ATMs. I was waiting for almost an hour while the jeep to Banaue waited for me.

Next Stop: Bay-yo Village 


  1. if i go alone is it safe for a probinsyana. can i find an affordable safe place to stay especially when i reach by nightime. thanks

    1. maam hazel, the place is very safe... sagada is a very provincial setting.