Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves are explored by tourists in an adventure called the Cave Connection. These caves are of cultural significance to the Kankanaey tribe of Sagada. They make these caves burial sites, thus, considered sacred.

After plunging in the soothing cool waters of Pongas Falls, we headed to Sumaguing Cave.  It was noontime when we arrived at its entrance. After taking lunch, Cris guided us in our spelunking adventure. 

We met many people of any age who were into the same attempt.   

Moving in farther into the darkness, all I could see were petromax lamps and the lighted faces of other spelunkers. 

The adventure was somehow difficult and risky yet really interesting. 

Some areas can be reached with the aid of ropes combined with right stepping and timing. 
I was astonished with the different formations inside. 

 Some are like chocolates, some are like bathtubs and some indescribable.

Some are intriguingly shaped that foreigners and locals alike get interested in. Hahaha. Get to know the Princess and the Queen...
The Princess

The Queen

With an intense desire, I exerted strength to get inside her orifice. Oh how I loved sliding in her slippery insides. How I enjoyed drenching my sweated body in her soothing waters. With the different joy that she gave me, I wanted to be inside her forever.

After moving out of Sumaguing Cave, we hiked to Lumiang Cave and spent a little time with the dead hung in its entrance.

We left Lumiang cave at around 3 pm. We were supposed to go back to the lodge. While riding the habal-habal, my eyes looked around and my heart told me to exploit the remaining light of the day.

 Next Stop: Lake Danum

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