Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Bay-yo is the last barangay of Bontoc in Mountain Province and Ifugao boundary. The village stuns every passer-by since its regal location amazingly blends with the grand rices terraces.

After the notewothy Sagada Adventure, I and my travel buddy took an hour ride to Bontoc. We took another 3hours ride to Banaue. 

Moving out of Bontoc, the view and vegetable farms entertained our eyes.

Along the way, we took a short stop where Bay-yo Village can be seen from afar. It lies among the rice terraces atop a cliff. My camera couldn’t resist capturing its heartthrobbing beauty.

My eyes lusted for her from afar. I craved for the warmth of her embrace. But time and space separated us. I had no chance to even get close to her. Moment was not even enough to behold her beauty. And I had to leave… unsated.  

When we left the village, the views never stopped to impress us. Much more the thought that barely after an hour, we will be setting foot on Banaue, where more adventures waited for us.

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