Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Being an unplanned backpacker, Pongas Falls never came into my mind. Soliciting ideas where to go in the tourist-destination-packed Sagada, Journeying Pinay suggested this one. 

After a good night sleep at the comfortably cool inn, I and my buddy, Edward woke up with excitement of exploring the famous Sagada. I didn't know where to go then. I'm not a typical traveler who prepares a travel itinerary. Wherever my feet bring me, so I go.

After an abundant breakfast, we headed to Tourism Assistance Center and chose a day-tour package. After we agreed with our guide Christopher (Cris), he brought us on his habal-habal to Pongas Falls. 

A 20-minute ride took us to the village of Angkileng. 

 The falls is another 30-minute hike passing through the little village. 

We passed by a river, mini-rice terraces and a narrow trail above a steep cliff. 

The impressive looks of the falls from afar shielded me from the scorching sun. 

We had to pass  through a heap of gigantic rocks when the falls finally unveiled the fulness of her glory before our eyes.

 PONGAS FALLS is a magnificently tiered waterfall. Its fall is gently divided after the first tier. The gentle water creeps down the rocky walls where you can actually get drenched without being hurt. A swimming pool is naturally dug below its first tier. I never planned to bathe in it but suddenly changed my mind.

Wow! She was a real temptation so hard to resist. I couldn’t help myself but eagerly run close to her. In no time, I just found myself undressed and couldn’t wait to stuff myself in her cool and clear waters!

After the ecstatic union with a wonderfully multi-tiered waterfalls, we took a little hike back passing through the other way where we enjoyed other wonderful views.

The sight of women doing their laundry and the kids bathing fully nude in the river brought back memories of my childhood.

Refreshed, we hiked back to the village. 

The whole morning was spent. Yet, more adventures were still on the list. 

Next Stop: Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves  

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