Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Ampacao Peak humbly rises 1,889 meters ASL, yet the highest point in Sagada. It gives a panoramic view of the town. It is a good site for bird and sunset watching. 

After a short bonding with Lake Danum, my now-departing guide, Cris gave me his sketched map of the trail. He said I could summit it in 2 hours. I was challenged to break the expected time. All alone, I started trekking at 3:50 pm hoping to catch the sunset at the summit. 

The fogs wrapped the forest. White was all I could see. 

I encountered many crossroads and the map was a treasure that time. 

After 30 minutes, the surrounding started to get clear. The view of the town gave hope to my slightly-worried spirit. 

 I hiked swiftly but still enjoying my every moment with the forest. 

Finally, I reached a grassy area where a family enjoyed around a bonfire. 

And yes, I was at the summit at 4:40 pm! Whew! I did it in about an hour!

 I proceeded to her top enjoying her every mound under a soft drizzle. My worries and weariness disappeared when I conquered her. My body never cared of the cold. I never dreamed of anything else as long as we were together.

I made my own way down. Luckily, heaven didn’t pour down rain on me. 

I was almost at the base when the sky cleared and turned red. 
Yes, I missed the sunset but I never missed the peak.

I hiked around the town enjoying its every view, savoring every single moment.
At exactly 6:00 pm, I was safely back at the lodge. My buddy Edward already got some sleep. The tedious activities of the day were attested to by our noisy sleep.

Next Stop: Echo Valley/Hanging Coffins 

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