Tuesday, January 8, 2013


A visit to lake Danum was an unexpected deed. The lake has no enormous width to boast for. But its grandiose charm will bring you beyond expectation. 

It was past 3 pm when we're done with the Sumaguing and Lumiang caves. 

Truly exhausted. We were going back to the town. 

From Lumiang Cave, the view of Ampacao Peak enticed my trekero spirit. I decided not to leave Sagada without summiting a mountain. Physical exhaustion turned into exhilaration!

Edward, however, opted to take a rest in the lodge. His decision excited me to summit Ampacao Peak all alone. 

Our guide, Cris brought me to the jump-off point at Lake Danum. 

He did not agree to be my company. Instead, he sketched a map to guide my solo trek. 

And lo, my mind was blown in amazement of the view! The lake was so lovely! So beautiful in its every angle...  

I was so enthralled with her natural beauty. I really cherished our privacy. I wanted our every moment unforgettable. I wanted to wet myself in her alluring body. But when the sky started to get dark and the wind gave its unfriendly blow, I had no choice but to give in to the fogs which selfishly embraced her. I left with a heavy heart.

My eyes waved goodbye to the lovely water. It was 3:50 pm and I was onward to the next adventure.

Next Stop: Ampacao Peak 

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