Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Asik-asik Falls in Alamada, North Cotabato has never failed to amaze everyone since it was first discovered after the devastating blow of typhoon Sendong. It miraculously showers its alkaline waters from the concave walls of the hinterlands of Sitio Dulao in Barangay Dado. Its cascades stretch to around 100 meters wide on a mossy cliff.


Asik-asik derived its name from a Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) word asik-asik or pisik-pisik or wisik-wisik which means sprinkle.

Since the discovery of Asik-asik Falls, everyone has been wanting to experience its cool and refreshing scenery. After a year of dreaming, I finally had the opportunity to visit the falls through an organized trip by Rtours. My experience was truly terrible and terrifying, yet so terrific!

Terrible, yes the distance is terrible! 
At 5 am, I was fetched from Kabacan by my travel buddies from Davao. The travel was too time consuming. After 2 hours, we took our breakfast in Libungan. We left our chartered van and had to take a double tire jeepney to the site.  

 We arrived at Alamada after 2 hours. Barangay Dado was still 1 hour away. 

 And the waterfalls in Sitio Dulao required another 1 hour. All in all, my one way travel to the falls took around 6 hours.

 Terrifying, the unpaved road is terrifying especially in a rainy season. Tumbling motorcycles became a normal scene in a muddy uphilling trail. 

 We had to attach metal chains to our tires as artificial spikes to endure the winding maze. 
 We entertained ourselves at the topload with astonishing views of the mountains around.

 After a tight gripping, my breath calmed with the view of reception to the falls. The Ilonggo attendant was so polite and courteous.

Keeping in touch with the falls passing through 376-step soil stairs requires 15 minute trek. 
 One will never expect a presence of waterfalls below farms and forested fields. No visible rivers will be suspected as its tributaries. 

Getting closer to the falls, the howling sound excites the hikers more and more to be there in no time.

Terrific, the view is really terrific! Extraordinary, enchanting, alluring, lustful--- it's description is beyond every adjective.

 Everyone poses at the full glory of his long dream wonderfall.

One cannot simply view the falls. He has to catch its gentle shower miraculously cascading from the verdant wall.

Lake Lanao is alleged to be the source of this falls seeping through the walls of this lucky spot. Many geologic findings further explain the existence of this inexplainable beauty.

Leaving the falls too soon truly broke every heart. Honestly, 2 hours was too short for a bonding with Asik-asik falls.

 Stripped of choice, we had to trek back uphill and reverse the terrible and terrifying trip. But no matter how long and difficult is the trip to Asik-asik Falls, the treat is like no other and is worth to be worked hard for.

Special thanks to Euny Escoton's Family for providing me restful night at their very comfortable abode in Kabacan. And to Rtours for inviting me to this trip.

How to get there:

From Kabacan, take van or bus to Libungan. Take a chartered jeepney for group. For solo travelers, take a single motor direct to the spot at P700 round trip.

Schedule of Fees:

Registration at Brgy Dado - P20
Entrance to the falls - P10
Right of Way in a private land- P5 



  1. With the eye-catching pictures I have seen and the humorous words I have read, the best adjective to be used in describing it is simply "THE BEST!"

  2. bong, thank you for passing by my blog. you're "THE BEST!"