Friday, June 19, 2015

PITCHER PLANT FARM: A Relaxing Staycation in Malaybalay City

Pitcher Plant Farm in Sario Street, Kalasungay, Malaybalay City is just a 400-meter walk, that is 5 minutes, from the national highway. It is around 10 minutes away from the city proper through private or chartered vehicle. The farm is owned by German-Filipino family who incorporate their passion with business. The place is situated very close to the base of Kalasungay's forested mountains. 


One fine weekend, my little family traveled to Brgy. Kalasungay via multicab. Not long after barangay hall, we requested the driver to take a detour leading to Pitcher Plant Farm which we booked two months back. The generous driver gave in to our request and brought us right at the farm's gate.

Signage heading to the main gate

Main gate of the farm

Concreted pathway to the lodge

Residential house of the owner. Guest reception.

Accommodation building

The farm has a single building for accommodation comprising three reasonably priced rooms with wifi connection:
1. Garden Room - good for two

2. Studio Room - good for two

3. Family Suite - good for four

Interestingly, the farm partly utilizes solar power, which is evident in its hot shower bathrooms. It also offers 2 units "Kawa Hot Bath".
As its name suggests, the farm has a plantation of carnivore plants like pitcher plants, venus flytraps and sundews of various sorts. The owner Botanist Volker Heinrich is expert in classifying and naming all his plants. He even gives instructions and tips in rearing every plant bought. The products are exclusively sold online.
Pitcher plant collections

Dionea specie (Venus' Flytrap)

Another Dionea specie (Venus' Flytrap)

Sarracenia specie

Nepenthes specie (Pitcher Plant)

Drosera specie (Sundew) with its fresh catch

Botanist Volker Heinrich


Spending a weekend at Pitcher Plant Farm is truly an unusual experience.
Garden Room

Visitors footwears

Afternoon rest in Garden Room

Our little boy enjoying comfort

A Filipino breakfast

Our boy's bare footsteps

Our boy controlling his balance

A pose in direct sunlight

Mommy and baby exploring

Mommy and baby

Tatay and baby

A naughty pose

My little family

1. The farm serves booked breakfast.
2. The farm does not require corkage fee for food from outside. Visitors may even avail free delivery services from Jolibee and Mang Inasal. 
3. The farm has solar powered hot showers.
4. The farm has free wifi connection.
5. The farm offers camping.
6. All carnivorous plants are sold online. 
7. The farm does not encourage walk in visitors. Every visit should have appointment.
8. The farm is recognized by,,, etc.

1. Garden Room - P1,300 per night (350 per additional pax)
2. Studio Room - P1,900 per night (350 per additional pax)
3. Family Suite -  P2,900 per night for 4 (350 per additional pax)
4. Camping - 150 per head per night (plus 200 per head for tent, mat, pillow, blanket)
5. Kawa Hot Bath - P500 per use of 2 units
6. Breakfast- P250 per head

From CDO, take any southbound bus at Agora Terminal. Drop off at Barangay Kalasungay near barangay hall. Ask the locals about the farm and take a short walk to the farm 

OR From CDO, take  a southbound bus and drop off at Malaybalay. At the terminal, hire a multicab direct to the farm. The package fare is P100 per trip.

From Davao,  take  a CDO bound bus and drop off at Malaybalay. At the terminal, hire a multicab direct to the farm. The package fare is P100 per trip.

For further inquiries and information, please contact the management through:
Mobile Number: 09303194998 (SMART) or 09164228724 (GLOBE)


  1. This is definitely a unique place, Sir Tupe! We'll surely find time to visit here.

    1. a good place to stay on your next visit...
      looking forward for more adventures with you!

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