Monday, October 21, 2013


It's a great feeling to immerse with the humble people in the mountains. It's my desire to be exposed to the way they live everyday. If given a chance, I would spend months living in their peaceful community, away from everyday's humdrums.  

While exploring the outdoors, I pass by mountain villages and meet people with innocent but curious looks. While conversing with them, I get to know more of their happy and hassle free life. And I understand that their very simple living teaches them the art of contentment that keeps them the happiest people in the world.

Waking up on a cool morning while the voices of wild birds and domesticated chickens are all you could hear...

Bathing like an innocent child in a clear streaming river partly hidden in the bushes...

Eating fresh chemical free vegetables from the backyard... 

Drinking sweet, cool, clear water from the mountain springs passing through a halved bamboo pole...

Playing above the summit, under the cascades and inside the cave...

Gathering on the afternoon listening to old tales while the sun gently sets and the wind starts to get cooler...

Sleeping in a humble hut in the midst of deafening silence with fireflies flying all over...

Embracing a brand new morning...refreshed... 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whoooh! It's a life everyone wants to experience once in a while...

And this is the life I want to experience on my Christmas birthday. I want to spend it with the kids and the people I usually meet on the trails....the people of the mountains.


  1. This is very true! It's a life everyone wants to experience once in a while. Perfect birthday wish!

    1. thank, trekker. a happy life blooms from peace and contentment. that's the art i wanna learn from them.

  2. now you like the way they are. why does orle want to change the way they live by introducing these so-called development programs of the government? (hehe peace, bai orle)

    1. hehehe. i want to learn their secret of contentment.... but of course i also support the BUB program (except for the paperworks)

    2. ah you also knew of the BuB... so why the need to change? hahaha i asked that myself. iba lang din siguro pananaw ko sa buhay. mas gusto ko yong noon.

  3. What a beautiful birthday celebration!!! Very kind of you.😊