Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LALIGAN FALLS: The Marvelous 4-Series Cascades

Laligan Falls in Barangay Laligan, Valencia City is another hidden jewel of Bukidnon. Unknown to many, this 4-series waterfalls is an awesome scenery in a forested rocky cliffs of Laligan. This waterfalls cascades a clear cool water from the highlands down to the barangay giving life to the vast rice paddies that support the Valencia’s battle cry as the City of Golden Harvest. 

A lazy Saturday... 

I wanted to rest. And the best form of rest is trekking. I overheard about Laligan Falls. For sure, the falls is not famous. Laligan is the home of my mother next to Talisay, Negros Occidental. Yet never have I heard this falls from my relatives. Instead of staying home, I decided to give this falls a try.

I took a ride to Villahermosa Building where jeepneys going to interior barangays park. I took a 30-minute ride to Laligan, asked from the locals, and luckily, dealt with a habalhabal driver who’s willing to take me to the falls. 
  We motored through an irrigation dam, cornfields and rocky trails for around 10 minutes. 

When ride was impossible, we started trailing beside the clear river. We crossed through it. 

In 15 minutes time, the marvelous view of falling water justified its howling sound. 

Not just one fall, nor two but four! 

The beauty of the four falls is perfected by the widespread cascades on a tempting pool.

The first fall measures around 18 feet high
 The first tier, no matter how beautiful, didn’t seem to suffice my trekero spirit.

My feet itched for the other three falls above it. My guide had no choice but to take me to the difficult one way trail on a rocky wall.

The 90 degrees cliff beside the one way trail

The narrow trail to the upper falls

The first falls visible on a steep trail

The second falls measures around 8 feet high

The third falls is around  20 feet high

Getting close to the highest falls requires clinging to this vine

The top most falls is around 70 feet high
When we reached to the highest falls, my heart leaped in awe with its wonderful view and powerful blow. How to perfect my trek without taking a dip into its refreshing pool? 

Like an innocent child, I ran closer, took off everything that covered my skin, jumped into the water and felt it all over me.

 Before I noticed it, I already spent almost two hours enjoying the refreshing waters.

 I kept looking back to the falls when we moved out. 

We trailed back to the barangay past noontime, taking my lunch along the way.

When we got back to the dam, I saw innocent kids playing and enjoying the sand. I just grinned; I remembered I had the same feeling a while ago.


While in Valencia City, proceed to the parking jeepneys beside Villahermosa Building.
Take a ride to Barangay Laligan. The fare amounts to P25.00 and the travel time takes 30 minutes. From Laligan Terminal, take a habal-habal to the dam at P20.00 fare. You may take a local guide to the falls or if you want more adventure, simply ask for the direction and there you go. From the dam, you will pass through corn fields and trail beside the river. Trekking time is 40 minutes.

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