Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Businessmen and investors recognize the town of Quezon, Bukidnon as the home of Bukidnon Sugar Milling Corporation (BUSCO), one of the two sugar mills in the province.

Travelers and passersby cannot turn their eyes away from the marvelous white rocks that wall the grand mountains while tracking the Pulangui Bridge that borders Quezon and Maramag. Below the white rock cliff is the wonderful, refreshing Blue Water Cave.

The white rock cliff

Pulangui Bridge borders Maramag and Quezon
The entrance to the blue water cave

The water that gushes out from the cave

 Adventurers, however, see more of these. The white rocks are not just a mere backdrop to enthralling poses but also a good site for rock wall climbing. The approximately 45-meter high bridge is not just a transport infrastructure but also a rappelling site, added its nauseating height and raging waters of Pulangui River.

The cliff is a favorite photo backdrop of the travelers


A rockclimbing facilitator gears up the climber
A climber can cling to any rock protrusion

When experiencing sprain, a climber notifies the facilitator then relaxes and shakes his wrists
A climber reaches for any spot he can cling to

A climber can also pose

A climber sticks his body closer to the rock to ease the burden of his weight

After tapping the target point, the climber rappels down



Bring your your food in the area. No eateries can be found nearby.
Eating in the outdoors can always be fun


After these strenuous activities, the cool blue waters await the adventurers and tourists who want to get refreshed. The cave requires a 15-minute descent along a challenging trail.
The tempting blue waters

It's hard to leave the place without taking a plunge into the relaxing cool waters

The packaged fee for Rock Climbing and Rappelling is P300.00, minimum of 5 persons.
For more details, please contact J-boy Sanchez of Kiokong at 0906-848-2057.
For further tourism information, please contact Quezon Tourism Officer, Judith LaspiƱas

From CDO, take a regular bus bound for Davao and drop off right AFTER the Pulangui Bridge at the border of Kiuntod, Camp 1, Maramag and San Jose, Quezon. Travel time is around 4 to 4.5 hours.

From Davao, take a regular bus bound for CDO and drop off right BEFORE the Pulangui Bridge at the border of San Jose, Quezon and Kiuntod, Camp 1, Maramag. Travel time is around 3 to 4 hours.


  1. Oooh! We love to visit here again! Rock climbing, vertical bivouac, the blue water lagoon---we miss everything!

    1. the place always invites a come back... hope to see you again here...

  2. where to go po after reaching the bridge? and how much is the fee?

    1. The entrance to the site is exactly at the side of the bridge. Same entrance to Bluewater Cave. If you want to avail the services, please contact J-boy Sanchez at 0906-848-2057. The fee is P300 per head minimum of 5 pax.