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Previously: Sulu: The Most Feared Paradise

I woke up the next day seeing all the passengers getting ready to off board. It was nearly 6am. I was afraid and excited to see the port of Jolo and the view of the Islamic province. I was afraid more when I didn't know what to do then.

When I removed myself from the ship, I approached a marine navy at the port.

Sir, saan po ba dito ang police station? 
Sir, may I know where the police station is? 

Bakit? Taga-saan ka? Mag-isa ka lang?
Why? Where are you from? Are you alone?

Turista lang po at gusto ko lang po magpaalam at magtanong na rin kung anong tourist spot ang maipapayo nila.  
I'm a tourist and I want to let them know of my presence and solicit their recommendation of a tourist spot.

Huh? Alam mo bang hindi tourist spot ang Sulu? Bumalik ka nalang sa barko at umuwi! 
Huh? Don't you know that Sulu is a no place for tourists? You better go back to the boat and go home!

Drooping and helpless, I walked out of the port and headed to where my feet would take me.

Then  saw the municipal hall of Jolo and the Police Station. I contacted the tricycle driver and we met. we planned our itinerary. Then I went to the station and introduced myself and my purpose to a police officer.

Mag-isa ka lang? Saan mo gusto pumunta? 
Are you alone? Where do you want to go then?

Quezon Beach in Patikul.

Ha? P***ng Ina! Sa lahat ng lugar, bakit Patikul? Pugad yan ng Abu Sayyaf!
Huh? Mother F***er! Of all the places here, why Patikul? It's the abode of the Abu Sayyaf!

Sir, yun lang po alam ko dito eh.
Sir, that's the only place I know here.

Kayo talagang mga turista, sakit ng ulo lang binibigay nyo sa amin eh!
You, tourists are just giving us headache!

Then he called for the trike driver, scolded him in a local dialect and let him leave. The way the officer reacted drown me more in fear.

He then took me to a police car and endorsed me to the Provincial Police office since Patikul is already out of Jolo. I was attended by PSI Chris Conrad Gutierrez and some young policemen mostly from Luzon. After a long wait, I met Sulu Chief of Police Glenn Gabor. After I declared to him my purpose, he asked me to call my contacted driver guide. I conversed with the guide.

Sir, di ba kayo natatakot pumunta sa Patikul?
Sir, aren't you afraid to go to Patikul?

(Concealing my fear) Ba't ako matatakot? Kasama naman kita, di ba?
Why should I be afraid? You are with me, right?

Kasi ako, sir, takot na takot.
Because, I, sir, am so sore afraid. 

Chief gabor and the guide had a short talk. The guide then left. The chief told me no t to rely that easy on the locales. They might be  in connivance with the kidnappers. Then I was instructed to wait for my escorts. HUH???


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