Thursday, June 26, 2014


Previously: Masjid Tulay

After spending a holy hour at Masjid Tulay, PO3 Serabani drove me along the outskirts of Jolo.     

In a matter of minutes we arrived at the Barangay Hall of Mauboh. We paid a courtesy call to Brgy. Captain Datu Teddy Bahjin. The very hospitable Capt. Bahjin even requested one police officer PO3 Razhier Isirail to accompany us to the beach.  

Mauboh Beach in Barangay Mauboh, Patikul is the most visited beach in Sulu. Though it is already part of Patikul, it's not too far from downtown Jolo. It is much less impressive than the Quezon Beach but safety drives in the tourist and picnickers.   

From afar, I sighted two floating hills. My guide said it's the island of Hadji Panglima Tajil, an island with fine white sand and clear water shores. I wanted to hire a fishing boat to take me to the island. He said we have to go back to the Police Station and contact the police in the island to be informed of my arrival so another guide will be tapped as my company. Guilty of bothering a lot of people, I decided to stay by the beach and keep drooling on the island. 

The Tausug Police Officer and I had a very long, fruitful conversation. He was the one who told me not to get afraid of Sulu nor the people of Sulu, but of terrorism. Our heart to heart conversation got deeper and our little time together not only let me explore a little of Sulu, but help me in UNDERSTANDING SULU.

After a meaningful talk, we drove back to downtown Jolo passing by an oil depot owned by the current town mayor. 

Since it was already late afternoon, heat and hunger let me and PO3 Serabani crave for something refreshing.   

Then my guide drove me to the port. AND WE PARTED WAYS... 



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