Thursday, June 26, 2014

MASJID TULAY: The First and Biggest Mosque in Jolo

Previously: Sulu Provincial Capitol

Masjid Tulay is said to be the oldest and biggest Islamic temple in Jolo. This mosque welcomes everyone who docks in the port of Jolo.  

After visiting the Provincial Capitol of Sulu, my guide PO3 Najar Serabani drove me to Masjid Tulay. He drove me along the busy streets of Jolo where I witnessed the usual streetlife of the Tausugs.

When we arrived at the mosque, I could hardly see its Islamic structure. I could not get a vantage point where to shoot it since it is located in a congested area in the heart of Jolo.

When we got in, it was almost 3:00pm so Islam devout thronged to the temple for prayer. I was ordered to free my sunbaked feet from my sandals to get in to the sacred place. When prayer time was come, I witnessed our Muslim brothers praying and worshipping Allah. Their deep devotion to Islam made me feel like I'm in the holiest place. I truly got goosebumps. Observing their prayer habit made me truly admire the Muslim faith.  



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