Thursday, June 26, 2014

SULU PROVINCIAL CAPITOL: A Magnificent Islamic Architecture

Previoulsy: Meeting the Sultan of Sulu     

The Capitol Building of Sulu is a truly admirable Islamic architecture. It's prominent dome in a verdant landscape made me think of India's Taj Mahal. I could not almost believe there is such a wonderful structure in that part of the map.

After my escorted tour to Patikul, I was back to Jolo and endorsed back to the Provincial Police Office. We were approached by a fully armed police officer, rushing to leave with his team. He was so grateful to see me back safe. They were rushing to Brgy Liang, a place where we just passed by going back to Jolo where we saw a throng of marine officers. He said an encounter between the marines and the Abu Sayyaf members just took place. He then instructed me not to leave the office until my new escort arrives. 

Should I visit the Capitol? or just go the port and wait for the boat to leave for Zamboanga? The day was still young so it would be a waste if I wouldn't further explore the wonderful Sulu.

My afraid but excited heart leaped when I saw the motorman coming to fetch me. PO3 Najar Serabani would be my tourguide to the capitol building and wherever in Jolo.

Off we go passing through the usual roads in the center of Jolo.

When we reached the capitol compound, the magnificent view astonished my eyes! Common to most Islamic structures is the hemispherical roof. The building is comparable to the capitol buildings of Tawi-Tawi and Sultan Kudarat. I sufficed myself exploring the different angles of the building.

Exploring the capitol building of Sulu almost brought me to another world. I felt like I was out of the Philippines. But I had to accept that beautiful magnificent structures like this really exist in our country...


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