Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Maramag Falls

Maramag, the heart of Mindanao, is known for its booming economy. I can strongly attest to that. I stayed there for six years. New structures arise here and there. Large commercial centers, hospitals, schools and banks exist in Maramag.

Kape Maramag Coffe Shop
In fact, it just launched its new coffee shop --- KAPE MARAMAG--- in its high class integrated transport terminal.

But, hey, it will take us more than a day talking all about those! The latest thing I discovered about Maramag is the presence of a wonderful and very accessible waterfalls. 

Prove it yourself. Here’s a very simple guide.

To get to Maramag Falls, you may take a multicab to Barangay Camp 1. Drop at the big acacia tree at the very border of Camp 1 and Sinangguyan, Don Carlos. There you can start your very short trek to the Falls.

After a few minutes, you can see the towers of TRANSCO. You will also start to hear the howling sound of falling waters.

After 10 minutes of hiking, you will be amazed of the view of the falls from above.

To get to the base of the falls, you just need an additional 15 minutes to hike. You have to pass through a simple slope. No mountaineering skill is required. Just wear an appropriate outdoor outfit.

You can also pass through a shaded area suitable for picnicking.

After the 25 minutes hike is completed, the powerful 20-meter waterfalls will come into view. The water is not clear but the view is totally awesome.

Its base is relatively wide enough for floating bamboo platform or “gakit” like that in Pagsanjan Falls. Its wall has beautiful rock formations.

The area is a wonderful site for FB profile picture taking. It’s true. Hehehehe!

On its left, you can also notice another small but tall crystal clear falls.

The falls is gentle and soft enough to allow you to lean on its wall and enjoy its cool showers.

And before everyone else can do it, pose for another FB profile pic. Haha! Just take extra care since the rocks are wet and slippery.

You may stay for a day picnic with your loved ones if you want to savor the beauty of the place.

On your way back, you can buy and eat low farm gate priced fresh durian, if it’s durian season.

Before heading back to the highway, you can take a glance above the waterfalls right at its very source. You can catch the rainbow on the mist when the sun is bright.

And if you’re a crazy lover of heights and depths, you may get close beside the falling waters.

Remember, GETTING CLOSE ABOVE THE FALLING WATERS IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED! Never do this especially if you are afraid of heights. Leave it to the daredevils.     

Thanks to Maam Tessa Barilea, the Tourism Officer of Maramag and Mary Ann Abatayo, a staff from EMPO for facilitating my trek. 

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