Thursday, September 20, 2012


Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas is just 811 MASL. Yes, it’s just a small mountain. A 2-hour trek is enough to reach its summit. But 2 hours is never enough to feel and savor the wonders of this mountain.

This mountain shocked every mountaineer when it claimed a climber’s (or a picnicker’s) life early 2012. That was actually the first time I heard of this mountain. And I was really curious about it. Known to be very steep and rocky, a mountain lover like me was really challenged to  experience its tricky trails. 

 Weeks after, I finally took the challenge.
At the peak, one can see the curves and sharps of the trail. Other small mountains of Batangas can also be seen, even the Taal Lake. Only a small amount of snacks and water is enough to replenish the energy spent for the trek.

My half day of climbing this mountain was truly a wonderful experience. It feels so nice to be on its top, watching the cliffs and ridges of rocks below. My love of heights even drew me to feel its dangerous ridge. And I did it! It felt so great! Truly a half-day trek to Mt. Batulao is one of my noteworthy trekking experiences.