Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Having gone many spots in one trek is not new to me. But this exploration truly induced my astonishment. Ten waterfalls in just a seven-hour dayhike. Yes, believe me! And it’s just right in my hometown.

My trek was not well-planned. I was on a trip to Barangay Pigtauranan, Pangantucan, Bukidnon for an official function. Upon passing through the muddy, rocky, rough road entering to the barangay, I was highly amazed by an impressive white mark lining on the grand walls of Kalatungan Mountains.

 The water of DIDILUSAN FALLS was obviously more abundant compared to my first visit to the same waterfalls on a dry season 5 years ago when I started mountaineering. As an adventure seeker, the view alone never satisfied me. In an instant, my heart and spirit dictated me to get succumbed to that scenery again. Before leaving the area, I contacted a local to guide my trek the next day.   

We departed the barangay at 8am the next day. I just packed a simple lunch and trail foods. I forgot to bring water container but the abundance of water anywhere along the trail fixed it all. At almost 11am, I noticed that we were not passing through the same trail we passed before. We were blazing our own. I was driven to crawl the 85⁰-90⁰ cliffs holding whatever my hands could grasp.

Finally, we reached the river at the bottom of the ridge with a howling sound of falling water nearby. My guide then declared “WE GOT LOST…”

Confused of his declaration, I insisted we were almost there. We were close to the falls. I could hear its sound. A short river trekking led me to a sight my eyes couldn’t almost contain. And I realized we really got lost!

We landed on a different waterfalls. A beautiful twin lump of waters cascading on a rocky wall, 25 meters high. It is named LANTAY FALLS. A new exploration!

We spent almost 20 minutes savoring the beauty of the marvelous cascades. I felt its mist from afar and later touched its very cool waters. My eyes were glued to the falls the whole time.
We then trekked through the river leading to the tempting Didilusan Falls, which can be reached for about an hour.

 Along the way, I noticed a beautiful mini-waterfall.

 Few minutes later, another.

 And then, another.

And more.

 And some more. Different heights and shapes. All equally beautiful.

After bouldering and passing through 8 fascinating mini-waterfalls which lasted for about an hour, we continued trekking through the cold, crystal clear river. Then suddenly, I almost fell to my knees in extreme awe. The view was far better than what I saw on my first visit. That was actually the first time I saw Didilusan Falls up close. Yes, that was the first time!  I just discovered that what I saw 5 years ago was just its twin falls called Dawikwikan. Almost teary eyed, my heart was so overwhelmed seeing how majestic it is.

 Almost invisible on a dry season, Didilusan Falls was so perceptible, the one on the right, generously shedding its cool, clear waters on a 40 meters mountain wall.

After we hurriedly took our lunch, I got near to the cascades where I first pronounced myself a Trekker 5 years back. 

 So overwhelmed and overjoyed, I really marveled in extreme appreciation. Its magnificent beauty and wonder manifested the manifold greatness of its Creator.

 We trekked down for 2 hours. I was so fulfilled. That was one of my best treks.

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