Monday, September 17, 2012


Siquijor, the third smallest province in the country, is called Isla del Fuego or the "Island of Fire" by the Spanish before. Siquijor Island is considered by many Filipinos to be mystical, full of mysterious and other supernatural phenomena.

This island can be reached by a fastcraft 6hours from Cebu via Tagbilaran and Dumaguete. It was 9pm of Holy Thursday when we docked at its very silent, dark port. I was with my two sisters. Many lodging facilities awaited us to relieve all the fatigues brought by long travel from Mindanao.

I started the day waking up an hour earlier than the sun. I waited for its rise along the shore. 

My sisters later joined basking the wonderful view of the serene sea.

Later, we were fetched by our guide JOAM (09276932095) with his trike AMJO--- highly recommended by Journeying Pinay. He was our companion for the entire fruitful daytour.

He first brought us to St Francis de Assissi Church where a visitor can truly feel the warm welcome of the island.

We then proceeded to Bandilaan Peak in Siquijor town, heavily packed with different locals and tourists for the island’s famous event HEALING FESTIVAL. 

Many healers from Visayas and Mindanao gather every Good Friday to showcase the different indigenous, traditional healing alternatives. I was bewildered to have met different folkhealers and fortune tellers. I got my fortune foretold then. 

The sight of different herbal preparations and potions (gayuma/lumay) truly bemused me.

Just like other travelers and tourists, we were there not just for the festival, but to explore the relaxing and quiet island.

After moving out of the crowd, we proceeded to CANTABON CAVE where we enjoyed drenching on its King’s Water Bed and Bath Tub.

A historical century old Balete Tree in Lazi was our next stop-over.

San Isidro Labrador Parish in Lazi was also crowded by church goers on that Holy Friday, where we posed for a picture with the impersonator Apostles. Judas was obviously our favorite.

We then proceeded to the multi-tiered CAMBUGAHAY FALLS, also in Lazi. Tourist and locals enjoyed getting cooled on that hot, dry season.     

On our way to our next destination, we saw a pack of locals on the shore in an afternoon lowtide. We truly enjoyed joining the Siquidnons gathering seafoods for their dinner. 

We then entered the forested road to SALAGDOONG BEACH, the best beach resort in the island. 

A lot of tourists and campers swarmed in the resort to swim, snorkel, kayak and to retire for the night.

As usual, I was waiting for the most wonderful way to end a day, watching and shooting the sunset.

When the sun had finally set, the full moon began to rise. 

We were on our way to our temporary abode when we passed by a century old house.

And when we passed by the mangroves, the place was so quiet. The moon was already up. Then I saw a very nice angle to shoot the moon in between two old mangroves. 

We stopped. I shot and shouted, “LOOK, THIS IS SIQUIJOR!”. Our two cameras ran out of battery then.

The moon was full. On our way home, we really enjoyed the creepy tales told by Joam. I never ran out of creepy tales too. I learned a lot of those from my parents from Iloilo and Bacolod. Haha!     

We spent a very restful and comfortable night at DAS TRAUM GUEST HAUS. 

We left for Dumaguete early morning the next day. A new impression was then ingrained in my head “There’s so much about Siquijor. It’s more than just mystical”.


  1. naa pud ni sa ako bucket list pe! this post gave me heads up on what to do when I'll set foot on this island someday.

    1. the island almost has everything--- sea, mountains, caves, falls, architecture, superstitions and warm people.

  2. pila kahay magasto nato tanan, kung adtoon ang healing place para magpalit ug lumay? I really badly needed the Lumay thing... please tell me pila magasto? Thanks

    1. hi, elianna. lumay may be bought anywhere, anytime. but it's better to go to siquijor during holy week and witness healing festival at bandilaan peak where most tourists go to. lumays are sold there and you may consult some healers present. from port area, pwede ka magrent ug tricycle P800 kun bukid lang imo adtoon...

  3. I will try to be there during holy week.. but if dili man gane anytime nalang... Mr. Tupe. ask nako if effective ba jud ang lumay? partly motou man ko ana pero since wla pako ka try mao nag ask ko ug pwede ba na madala sa laing nasud?

    1. wala pa sad ko ka-try. pwede nimo iconsult sa seller kun mopalit na ka. careful lang pud pagdala ug liquid sa plane basin pugngan sa airport.

    2. sir, good evening... asa kaha pwede makapalit ug lumay? kinahanglan kaau naku kay sobra na kaau para sa mga tawo nga way puanagod pareho sa akong amo diri sa luzon... naa man gud uban fake diay mao mas maau ug mupalit jud sa sure kay diri sa luzon daghag piki... d pareha diha sa atoa..salamat kaau ug daku...

    3. e pm ko sir pls ug may nahibal an ka pls...

    4. hi, maizanne. sa siquijor daghan gyud mapalitan. tuyoa adto didto inig holy friday kay naay ilang HEALING FESTIVAL. daghan display sa mt. bandilaan klase-klase nga lumay ug mga tambal. naa pud ang mga mananambal didto nga pwede nimo konsultahon.

  4. okay po. maraming salamat po sa iyong sagot.