Thursday, September 20, 2012


Tagged as the smallest active in the world, Taal Volcano towers only 311 meters ASL. It is beautifully situated in Taal Lake, Batangas. It has erupted violently in the past claiming thousands of lives. Up to now, PHIVOLCS has recorded occasional seismic unrest accounted to this little mound.

Right after my half-day trek to Mt. Batulao, I headed back to Tagaytay and planned how to make use the second half of the day. When I made up my mind, I proceeded to Talisay, Batangas to summit the little Taal Volcano.

I took a motorized boat to this island volcano.

As I was approaching to it, excitement filled my emotions. The landform I just saw in books and TV was then within my reach.

A guide then took me to the crater through horseback riding. I encountered a lot of foreigners and locals going downhill, some on horseback and some on foot. A magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding mountains eased myself from the scorching sun.

The view of the crater from the peak quenched my thirst and let me forget the cruel heat. 

How wonderful! A lake within a volcano within a lake.

After a short splendid moment at the peak, I descended with my then almost-exhausted ride. Though my feet were spared from trekking sore, my sweat was overflowing.

Right before sundown, I arrived at the foot of the volcano. The boat was waiting for me. As I was riding back to the mainland, my heart felt another fulfillment. Another peak conquered.

The alluring view of a mountain from afar captured my eyes. It was really tempting me. And I couldn’t just let it pass. Yes, though I had just summited 2 mountains that day, I instantly dreamed of reaching the summit of that mountain --- the Enchanted Mt. Makiling.   


  1. you look like a "haciendero" nag naglilibot sa kanyang lupain... hehehe!!!

    I enjoyed my hike dyan kc I was with my family... I introduced my brother to hiking.. :)

    1. hehehe! hindi naman. lakwatsero lang na naglilibot kung saan-saan.